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Model: InfraRLamp
InfraRed Lamp for Pain Sprains      Intensive infrared light to relieve muscle aches or common colds Alleviates pain Supports blood circulation Effective heat therapy through pressed glass bulb Adjustable i..
Model: Body_Shaping_L
Body Shaping Under Garment Slim Trim Fit - Size L Large Skin Color Women Size: L, Skin Color or Black ( Waist Size - 83cms to 101 cms) Also Available Medium - Body Shaping UnderGarmentAlso Available XL - Body Shaping UnderGarmentAlso Available XXL..
Model: Body_Shaping_M
Body Shaping Under Garment Slim Trim Fit - Size M- Medium Skin Color WomenSize: M, Skin Color or Black ( Waist Size - 78cms to 92 cms) Also Available Large - Body Shaping UnderGarmentAlso Available XLarge - Body Shaping UnderGarmentAlso Available XXLarge - ..
Model: MagneticBall
Magnetic Accupressure Needle BallDescription: -Magnetic Blood Needle Equipment   -Magnetic Acupressure Needled Ball for Exercise   -Acupressure Massaging Ball excites the nerve to promote blood circulation and improve health   ..
Model: Cleaner
Microfibre Spectacles/Goggles Cleaner Description:- No harm to your eye glasses- Easy to use, Safe on all eyeglasses -Glasses Cleaner is very light - Easy to carry - Made of microfibre head and plastic handle  ..
Brand: ... Model: Repellent
Surete Mosquito Repellent Herbal Patch 10 Patches for 12Hr - 100% Natural EssenceDescription Safety : 100% Safe For Use By Even Children Plus No Skin Contact - Just Stick One Patch Anywhere On Clothing. Life Span - Usual Patches Last Barely 5-6 Hours - Ours Lasts 12 Hours (Doub..
Model: Nailcutter_Cottonbuds
1. Nail trimmer for clipping finger nails, easily trims ingrown and thick nails. 2. Grooved end of the handle makes it easier to hold and prevents twisting or slipping in use. Curved handle provides maximum grip and wide back reduces amount of force required to cut nails Double Tipped Cotton Sw..
Model: HotColdPack
NOVA Slim Hot & Cold Pack Multi-purpose  High-quality, microwavable, Reuseable gel hot / cold pack. Blue cover feels smooth and comfortable against the skin. Whether hot or cold, temperature provides consistent relief for long ..
Model: 2 Palm Support
Pair of Elastic Palm Support Also Available Knee  Support @ 119/- Also Available Pair of Ankle Support @99/-   Pair of elastic Palm support Specifications:-Strongly protect wrist joint, ligament and muscle from hurting when doing sp..
Model: Cervical Collar
Soft Neck Support(Cervical)        Cervical Collar is Best product for Cervical Patients. Cervical Collar is for conditions where rest and warmth has to be provided to the cervical region like sprain and cramps. Plastic bus..
Model: Pollution Mask
Sturdy Pollution Mask Also Available 2 Pcs Sturdy Pollution Mask at - 149/-       Fitted with NET & one layer of 100% cotton cloth for skin contact. All aspects of pollution or environment are directly related to human ..
Model: Body_ShapingXL
Body Shaping Under Garment Slim Trim Fit - Size XL Extra Large Skin Color Women Size: XL, Skin Color or Black ( Waist Size - 89cms to 110 cms) Also Available Medium - Body Shaping UnderGarment Also Available Large - Body Shaping UnderGarment&..
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