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Brand: Saimax Model: Insect Killer
Combo Electronic Insect & Mosquito Killer Night Lamp Home Health Care System Control's a LED night lamp with a electric web in it, fitted for killing of flying mosquitoes & insects witch get attracted towards the light of this lamp, 2.Use of this product in..
Brand: Saimax Model: GasLighter
Dolphin Electronic 2 in One Gas Lighter with TorchInstruction For Use : Place the lighter nozzle above the gas burner & press the switch gas will burn , Remove lighter immediately  Continueous Spark Built in Battery for Torch  ..
Brand: Saimax Model: Mosquito Killer Lamp
Electronic Insect Mosquito Killer Night Lamp    1. Direct Plug in 2. Economical to use woth low electricity bill. 3. Maintenance Free 4. No use of Polluting chemicals 5. Without sound or noise   ..
Brand: Saimax Model: Magnetic Hair Brush
1.Style Maniac Vibrating Massage Hair Brush is a unique battery powered massage brush that has many great features 2. Increased Blood circulation helps remove toxins and micro-pollutants from the hair cell matrix. 3.This brush is a must for those with thinning hair..
Brand: Saimax Model: Mos Killer
Mosquito Killer and Night Lamp 1. Harmless and economical to use.2. Consume low Electricity.3. Attracts Bugs towards it and immediately kills them when come in contact.4. Works only on electricity and do not require any spray or chemicals.5. Works Dual Function with ..
Brand: Saimax Model: Peston
 1. Peston is a natural a complete heathcare system usning new japanese technology resulting from research into the cycle of house hold diseases 2.Peston neagative ions hepl to remove dusts,bacteria From the air you breathe in your home  3.Utrasonic sou..
Brand: Saimax Model: Mobile.Socket
Saimax Safe Charge CUM Universal Socket Mobile Stand Holder      1. Universal socket... 2. Safe Charge Mobile Holder....  3. Fine contacts heavy duty plastic... 4. Easy to Handle useful for all types of mobile ..
Brand: Saimax Model: Saimax charger
Saimax Safe USB Universal Cum Charger Stand Mobile Holder All Smartphone     1.Mobile Safe Charge USB Charger. 2.Charger Heavy Duty Plastic. 3.All types for Android phones 4.Saimax Mobile Safe USB Charger. 5.Com..
Brand: Saimax Model: Suraksha Ultrasonic Pest Killer
   1.Direct Plugin * Negative ions helps to remove dusts, bacteria from the air you breath in your home.  2.Its ultrasonic sound waves attack the auditory & nervous systems of most common pest causing them pain & Discomfort. 3.The high sound ..
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