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Model: SS6614
    1.Great for outdoor entertaining,sling shot distance exceeds 100 yards   2.Ergonomic molded handle grip,and folds up easily to fit in your pocket   3.Folding wrist lock for more support, steady aim for more accuracy   4.Small Size Light Weight..
Model: SS6627
    1.It is very durable with die-casting aluminum alloy frame,   2 Anti skid Latex Bands rope, high-tension rubber bands High-speed and high-tension Latex rubber bands, 3-trip Rubber Bands are free   3.Used for outdoor competition and fitness catapult, also ..
Model: SS6623
Dragon Steel Heavy Latex Band Catapult Gulel SlingShotBuy Now at Amazon More Similar Slingshots at Amazon Features  1.Dragon Shape Ergonomic molded handle grip   2.Great for outdoor entertainment, Use such as rocks   3. Use such as rocks marble..
Model: SS6634
Full Solid Steel Handle SlingShot Catapult Gulel Double Latex Bands 1.This catapult slingshot has the modern design,with perfect Metal is made with latex band.   2.Super durable rubber strap comfortable molded hand grip   3.The hunting slingshot is a perfect..
Model: SS6631
1.High Quality Unique Design Slingshot.2.Folding Metal Designed Outdoor Games Tools Hunting Slingshot, High velocity slingshot and high accuracy when aiming3.Quality tested and ensured for maximum durability. Fits any size shooter or shooting style4.Warning: For outdoor activities use. Please don't ..
Model: SS6649
1.Shooting:With laser sight, auxiliary shooting .Green laser is clearer than red laser during the day2.Spring design gives the slingshot a more powerful ejection power.3.This is a cold weapon or game tools for exercise arm strength, attention, eyesight, hunting etc.4.Used for outdoor competition and..
Model: SS6616
Hunting Outdoor Catapult Powerful Wrist Brace Support Slingshot     1.It's a very nice equipment for camping and outdoor sport   2.This catapult slingshot has the modern design,with perfect steel frame.   3. Super durable rubber strap comfortable molded ha..
Model: SS6638
  1.Super durable rubber strap comfortable molded hand grip.   2.The hunting slingshot is a perfect item for small game hunting, paintball or just target practice.   3.It is not a toy. No shooting at persons doors windows animals.   4.It's a very nice ..
Model: SS6630
1.100% Brand New,High Quality   2.Ergonomic molded handle grip    3.Great for outdoor entertaining    4.Use such as rocks, marbles  paintballs etc to shoot   5.With skidproof rubber   6.Durable to use   ..
Model: SS6633
1.The slingshot is simple and portable design, easy to use and carry.2.Use such as small rocks, marbles, paintballs, pebbles, mud pellet, beans etc to shoot.3.Perfect kids & adults entertainment for outdoor games, such as hunting, game competition.4.Great toy not only for fun but also could trai..
Model: SS6646
1.High elastic, tough and durable2.The wrist lock will give you more support and keep you steady3.It is functioned as tracking your training progress4. Material: Iron and ABS plastic. Good quality and durable.5.The slingshot is simple and portable design, easy to use and carry.6.Use such as small ro..
Model: SS6635
1.Traditionally and popularly known as gulel2.Steel finish frame with PVC handle recommended for beginners3.Two stranded velocity sling shot beautiful amalgamation of style and strength4.High quality rubber band, high elastic, tough and durable.5.Perfect item for target practice.6.Warning: For outdo..
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We at 24sevenindia do not sell everything. But slingshot and gulel are our forte. You are absolutely at the right place if you are looking to buy slingshot online. It can be a little hard to find the best slingshot in India, as there aren’t a lot of website our manufacturers catering to this category.

We have a huge list of slingshot in every price range and for all ages. From Plastic Slingshot for Kids and Beginners to High Quality Slingshot with Laser for Professional and experienced people, we got it all.

You can find Aluminium slingshot, Steel Slingshot, Plastic Slingshot, Wooden Slingshot, Fold able Slingshot, Sling shot with wrist support, Slingshot with arm bar

Be rest assured that you will get the best price and the cheapest Slingshot in India here at 24sevenindia, with very low shipping cost. (Cheap in terms of cost not quality)

If you are still confused about “What slingshot to buy?” you should surely use our Compare product feature.

What is a Slingshot?

Slingshot has many different names all across the world. In India it is called Gulel, in UK it’s a catapult, in Australia and New Zealand its Ging and Kettie in South Africa.

It is a handheld y-framed device used to for playing and also for outdoor hunting and Aiming. It consists of a y-shaped frame which can be made up of wood, plastic or metal, which has a rubber band attached to it. The more you pull back the rubber band, more power you can generate. (Given that the rubber bands are of high quality)


What is a slingshot used for?

Slingshots were primarily used for hunting. But now they a source of recreation. Kida can enjoy playing with plastic slingshots which wont harm anybody. And is also used to practice aiming.


How fast does a slingshot shoot?

The speed will be dependent on the quality of the elastic rubber bands and the Y-frame. A slingshot can shoot from 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds. Given its weight and size, it seems a lot.


Are slingshots illegal in India?

No, Slingshot are not illegal and not considered as a weapon. In the Wildlife Act, slingshot is not defined as a weapon. Whereas the definition of weapon includes “ammunition, bows and arrows, explosives, firearms, hooks, knives, nets, poison, snares, traps, and any instrument or apparatus capable of anaesthetizing, decoying, destroying, injuring or killing an animal”. – Source unverified

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