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6 Best Tower Fans in India : Reviews and Comparison

How would you describe a fan?
You start thinking about the regular ceiling fan hanging on the
ceiling of your room or you might think about a fan with some
highlights or an under light.
At most, you would imagine a typical stand fan standing in one
of your rooms at home or office.

Not only you but everyone around you will have the same picture in mind when asking about a fan. Because that’s what we have been seeing for years.

Tower Fans: A must have

Don’t we all want a fan which is easily movable wherever you go, whichever position you sit you can turn or take your fan with you. A fan that doesn’t even look like a fan but more like a decorative piece which even adds class to you home. Well, yes we are talking about the tower fan, these fans work just like a regular fan but are much more in
demand due to its advantages which we all have been wanting for a long time.

Best Tower Fans In India

Best Tower Fans in India

  • Decor Air Tower DIGI Indoor Fan with Remote
  • iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery,
  • Lasko 42″ Wind Curve Ionizer with Tower Fan
  • Orient Electric Blade less Fan with Remote (40 Watts)
  • VITEK VT1933 SRI 120Watt High Velocity 90 Rotating Tower
  • Fanzart Tron White LED Display Tower Fan with 90° Rotation

Deco Air Tower DIGI Indoor Fan with Remote (Black and White, 45 W)

The decor air tower comes with three different speed levels to adjust the air according to your requirements.
It has multi functional remote control which. It has a very sleek and attractive design which will make your
home decor more beautiful.

Pros (What we like about this Product)

  • It has three speed level: simulating, natural, slumberous, normal wind to adjust the flow of air.
  • Can be operated with a remote.
  • Oscillation functions brings air flow direction.
  • the fan has a space saving design.


  • Can start making noises after using it for a while.

iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery, 4Way Air Flow, High Speed,Anti Rust Body (Black)

Deluxe Tower Fan, a performer of international standards when it comes to air delivery. It is an ideal option for homes and offices. Fits easily in any modern ambience.

Pros (What we like about this Product)

  • It has a high glossy rust free body.
  • Gives extra chilling with air conditioner.
  • Doesn’t consume much power.
  • Has very powerful air flow.


  • Does not has a remote control to operate it.

Lasko 42″ Wind Curve Ionizer with Tower Fan and Multi-Function Remote Control (2020 Model with India Warranty)

The 3 quiet speed and optional oscillation provide just the right amount of white noise for sleeping so you can get some rest. It has a Builtin carry handle.

Pros (What we like about this Product)

  • A noise free tower fan that doesn’t create any noise even in the highest speed.
  • It is a real space saver tower.
  • Three quiet speed, auto-off electric timer function and widespread oscillation
  • Has all the remote control features.


  • This tower fan gives less air flow.

Orient Electric Blade-less Fan with Remote (40 Watts)

Orient electric blade-less fan has a unique and attractive design which will make your house looks beautiful. It runs at three different speeds and doesn’t consume much power.

Pros (What we like about this Product)

  • Multiple mood lights Ultra-modern light changing feature, Choose from 4 different lights- Green, Purple, Blue and White.
  • The Wireless Remote helps to provide convenience and easy functioning. It has adjustable auto-off timer function for convenience.
  • Gives you unique silencing technology.


  • You might not get the flow of air if you sit too far.

VITEK VT-1933 SR-I 120-Watt High Velocity 90° Rotating Tower Fan with Remote Control and LED Display (Silver/Grey)

This one is a Powerful and reliable high velocity tower fan. It’s a super compact device and is capable of creating a powerful and cool air throw. Can be operated with a remote control.

Pros (What we like about this Product)

  • Gives powerful long distance air throw.
  • It has Eight hours off timer.
  • Adjustment of air stream direction.
  • Has three speed control – low, mid, high.


  • Although it works fine, the quality of the tower fan’s body might not be very impressive.

Fanzart Tron White – LED Display Tower Fan with 90 Degree Rotation, Smart Touch Display with Time and Wind Speed Setting and Powerful Motor, Eco Friendly Indoor Fan with Remote Control (White)

The fanzart tron white is a high-end luxury fan brand. It has a temperature display with 90 degree rotation. Does not make any noise. It is a maintenance free tower fan.

Pros (What we like about this Product)

  • It has a powerful blower with 90 degree oscillation.
  • Comes with a Multi-functional Display System on top.
  • Does not make a lot of noise, very silent
  • It is a power saving appliance which everyone should use.


  • Can be a bit pricey if you are looking for a low- budget tower fan.

Tower fans are best because they help to circulate the air which makes a room less hot and stuffy. These tower fans use very little power in comparison to an AC o table fan. So, with tower fans, you can reduce your electricity bill too.

How can a fan be attractive?

Ever thought of a fan which is the centre attraction of everyone due to its design?

A tower fan is a drastic change in the industry of fans, talking about its design, features, techniques, and mobility it has everything which you can’t imagine in a fan. A tower fan has many smart and practical features for best efficiency and convenience. The demand for tower fans is increasing due to its various benefits, most importantly they take up very little space due to their slim appearance and have a design that can easily circulate the air. A tower fan is the best option if you want to get a cool breeze during restful sleep. Here is the list of best tower fans for cooling every room in your home.

A tower fan gives you a lot of benefits that a ceiling fan can never do


This is one of the reasons people buy a tower fan. The design of a tower fan is tall and slim. When you have a limited amount of space tower fans are the best option for you. You can keep them in any corner and it will take less space than a table fan. They are so light weighted too so anyone can move them from one place to another.


Tower fans are also famous due to their style. Most of the towers can also be used as home decor. They are not bulky, the modern style of this tower will complement any room of your house. These tower fans look great in offices too, the design makes a room look more elegant.


These tower fans are also called energy savers. Almost all the tower fans have the feature of a timer that allows you to shut down the tower fan. By using these towers you can save a lot of time.


A tower fan gives you a noise free sleep. Mostly all the tower fans are noise free or they make very less noise even if they are being used on highest speed. Whereas, an air cooler and conventional fans can be too noisy for you which can even disturb your sleep. A tower fan gives you peaceful sleep.


A tower fan works effectively in circulating the air flow for a comfortable and cool environment. These sturdy looking fans are less likely to be tipped over. A tower fan comes with great features; they can be operated by a remote you don’t need to move or go anywhere to change the setting. The remote does it all for you. Almost all the tower fans have breeze settings too you can set the air flow according to your requirement.


While cleaning a tower fan you should wear gloves and eye wear because there will be a lot of dust coming out from it once you open it. Keep your fan in a place where it’s easy to move it. If the tower fan has a panel you need to detach it with the help of screws.

Clean the panel and keep the tower fan at 180 degrees and clean the tower fan by using a brush. You don’t need to use a wet cloth to clean it. Cleaning a tower fan is easy but its essential too for you to keep enjoying the fresh air and cleaning it also increases the durability of a tower fan.

Which is Better : A Tower Fan or Pedestal Fan?

Before buying a fan you must think which type of fan to buy a pedestal fan, or a tower fan. There has been a tight fight between both of these fans.


Both the fans are called the space savers. If we talk about a tower fan they are tall and slim and barely take up any floor space. They are the ideal option if you have limited floor space. Pedestal fans take more space due to their big and sturdy base. But they can send the air-flow to a longer distance.


Well, both types of fans have various features so it’s roughly a draw between both of the fans. Tower and pedestal fans have remote control, different modes, and timer setting features.


There is a great difference between the designs of both the fans. Tower fans look incredibly good just more like a show piece, these are tall, slender and sleek in design. Pedestal fans are not as glamorous as tower fans; these fans come with limited designs.


The price range for both tower and pedestal fans is almost the same. You will find a different range of fans starting from very low price to highest, you have a lot of options available to choose from according to your budget.


Is It Safe To Leave A Tower Fan On All Night?
Although tower fans are safe, using it while sleeping and leaving it on for the whole night might not be
a good idea as it can impact on your health too. You get a feature of a timer on a tower fan so before
sleeping you can set a timer in it so that in turns off automatically.

Are Tower Fans Better Than Box Fans?

Box fans are cheaper but have less feature. A tower fan is a lot more convenient to use than a box fan and moves more air than a box fan.

Can Tower Fan Catch Fire?

There are very less chances of any appliance catching fire. It can only happen when it gets too hot. Talking about a tower fan they are totally safe, but as said above we should not keep them on for long hours which may lead the motor to get hot.