Our meals are incomplete if we don’t see chapatti on our plate, no festival is complete without those hot pooris. 

However, as they say, it is easy said than done. Preparing a dough is a hassle, especially when you have to do it every day. 

The thought of making the dough makes us look for some other alternative to eat that is easy to prepare. 

A Better Option Than The Traditional Process

With the temperature rising every day, no one likes to be in the kitchen. A dough kneading machine makes your job easy and helps you in doing the task within no time.

If you compare a dough maker with the traditional way of dough making method you will see a dough maker is a much better option. 

Ever thought of kneading the dough by adding some healthy ingredients but ending as a mess, a dough maker helps you add all the ingredients you want without making any effort. Hence a dough maker is a healthy step too.

The traditional way of dough kneading is not hygienic as well, in contrast using a dough maker is an absolutely hygienic process. You will be glad to have a dough maker in your kitchen forever. 

Kneading the dough isn’t a popular activity. If you talk to a person who kneads the dough daily, you will know that the struggle is real. And with more mouth to feed, comes more work, where you definitely need some help.

Here We Are Presenting You The List Of Best Dough Maker You Would immediately Want To Buy From Amazon.

Best Dough Maker in India

Lifelong Atta and Bread Maker 550 Watt (19 Pre-Set Menu with Adjustable Crust Control) – This is an automatic kneading, baking, and fermenting  processor which eliminates the hassles of kneading atta dough with hands, making the process completely hygienic and convenient. 

Comes with removable baking tin for easy cleaning and the compact design ensures 0easy storage.

Pros (What we like about this Product)

Comes with One Touch Automatic Operation.

Automatic kneading, fermenting and baking.

An easy maintenance product.

Salt Free, Sugar Free or Gluten Free breads are easy with the special programmer settings. 


Needs to be careful with the measurements can lead to a soggy dough.

Clearline Appliances 3.5 L Dough Kneader with Heating Function for Fermentation (White-Brown)_Model-DM02 


It can knead atta in 5 minutes and has 3 settings to set the timer  i.e. 5 mins, 10 mins and 15 mins
The lockable double lid design allows addition of healthy ingredients even during operation. Premium Non-Stick Coating makes cleaning a breeze.

Pros (What we like about this Product)

The dough kneader comes with a 3.5 liter Non-stick coated bowl.

Has an unbreakable aluminum blade.

It comes with an inbuilt heating function to ferment dough which helps in making atta for Khameeri Roti, Bhaturas etc.

 •      Anti-Skid Vacuum feet for stable operation.


Can make a little noise while you operate it.

Homeplus Magic Atta Maker (White, homeplus Atta Kneader) 


This home plus magic atta maker is a four In One Machine with which you can knead 1/2kg (approx) Atta in just 30 seconds
With this atta kneader you can easily make Numerous delicious shakes, do lots of vegetable chopping, Extract Butter.

Pros (What we like about this Product)

It has a powerful copper motor that supports kneading and chopping.

Gives you internal circuit breaker for total appliances safety.

Comes with a measuring glass for perfect mixture of water and flour.


Does not have a manufacturer’s warranty.

TRUE SHOP Automatic Dough/Atta Maker Must for Every Kitchen (Multi Color Available) 

Pros (What we like about this Product)

It comes with three different measuring cups.

It has a see through high quality food grade glass container.

Can knead a good amount of dough without electricity.

It’s super simple to use.


Does not have induction base.

Signoraware Grand 10002 650-Watt Food Processor with 2 Jars (White) 

Pros (What we like about this Product)

It has an atta Kneader Blade for smooth dough of all flours.

Comes with a Spatula for mixing and removing contents from side wall of processing bowl and jars.

To help you in operating the food processor it comes with a Catalogue, Warranty card, Demo CD.

A safe device to use, doesn’t work until the top cover and main processing bowl are properly locked.


Does not have induction base.

Benefits Of Buying A Dough Maker

A dough maker saves you a lot of time, it eliminates all the hassle of kneading the fresh dough. It can knead the dough in minutes.

The process of kneading the dough in the dough maker is extremely hygienic and convenient.  It makes your kitchen a 100% hygienic place. It comes with many customized options so that the dough can be prepared easily.

A dough maker can be used for multiple purposes, you can make cupcake batter, pizza dough, mash potatoes, and in some, you can even chop vegetables too.

A dough maker can be cleaned easily it makes your work totally mess- free. 

All the dough maker comes with powerful motors that can knead even the toughest dough perfectly.

You would want to buy a dough maker because it makes your life easier but what if you buy a wrong atta-maker that doesn’t do the job properly

You would want to buy a dough maker because it makes your life easier but what if you buy a wrong atta-maker that doesn’t do the job properly

 You will find numerous types of dough makers in the market today, but you should know what type is suitable for you. Taking care of the number of people you are kneading the dough for, the space it will take, and how safe is it.

To help you with that we have made a list of different types of dough makers which will help you in selecting the perfect one for you.

Electric Dough Makers

As the name suggests, these dough makers work on power.

You just need to pour the flour, water, or any other ingredient of your own choice and just press start.

This dough maker comes with the speed setting which you can adjust according to your requirement.

Though these types of dough maker can be a little expensive for you but they save you a lot of time and energy, which is the sole purpose of buying a dough maker.

Manual Dough Makers

These dough makers are safest to use, which can be operated by anyone and anywhere.

They have blunt blades attached with a handle that helps in churn the floor and knead the perfect dough for you.

You just need to operate the handle manually to make the dough.

In comparison to the electric dough makers, these are quite cheap and easy to carry. That can be taken easily anywhere.

Vertical Cutter Makers

These dough makers are generally used for commercial purposes and are quite similar to the food processor.

These can be used for multipurpose for kneading, chopping vegetables, mixing batters, or shredding meat.

These can be used to knead the dough in bulk.

These might not be able to give you the same result as the electric and manual makers in which you get a consistent dough.

Vertical Cutter Makers

These types of dough maker have a spiral-shaped rod with a netted agitator. In these dough makers, the rod remains stable and the bowl rotates to make the dough.

These types of dough maker give you great consistency. Other than kneading the dough you can mix multiple batches of cookie dough and whip masked potato easily without making any effort.

Important factors to check before buying a dough maker

1. Easy to use – A good atta maker should not be very complicated to use. It should not take your much time and energy in setting up.

2. Speed setting control – Before buying a dough maker you should notice that does it has the speed setting. So that while using it you can select the speed accordingly. 

3. Easy to clean – When you were using the traditional method of kneading the dough the one thing you wouldn’t want was the mess and that’s exactly you should see in your dough maker. A dough maker should be mess-free. A non-t stick bowl is the best option as it can be cleaned easily.

4. The capacity of the bowl- Before buying a dough maker keep your requirements in your mind. A dough maker should be able to knead the dough from 400-500 grams.

5. Price and warranty – You should look for the dough maker that is affordable and has a manufacturer’s warranty. An expensive dough maker will come with more attachment and smarter features whereas, a low-cost dough maker comes with limited accessories. So choose wisely that fits you best.

6. Other functions – Look for the dough maker that comes with additional accessories and different types of blades

7. A few other things you should take note of are-
I. To see if a dough maker is noise free or how much noise does it make while operating.
II. Has the start and pause button.
III. A dough maker should have a timer which helps you in knowing in how much time you dough will be ready. 


How much time does a dough maker take to make perfect atta dough?
It depends on the type of dough maker you buy, if you buy a manual dough maker than you it would take 10-12 minutes. Whereas, an electric dough maker takes up to 5 minutes to make the dough.

What is the purpose of a tadka pan?
The first thing you need to do is detach all the appliances connected to it, which includes hook, blades and bowls. You can simply use liquid soup and sponge to clean your device. You should use hot water to clean the metal attachment. Let you dough maker air-dry for at least 1 hour.

Which dough maker is the best?
You will find a lot of great products in the market. Select the one according to your requirement and you should always buy the one which provide smart options and good capacity and is in your budget.