Are you a health conscious eater who is craving something savory or spicy?

Looking for a quick dose of proteins but feeling too lazy to cook up a full meal?

Sprouts- a simple answer to all the questions.

They are easily the most versatile food option.

Toss them up with veggies for a nutritious salad or sprinkle in some spices and lemon to make sprout chaat- sprouts can be consumed for any meal of the day.

Now comes the real problem.

Are we really going out there in the market to buy them? In times like these, it becomes difficult to get everything readily available. But you do not have to worry about it now. The solution to this problem is right here. A Sprout Maker. 

What is a Sprout Maker?

A Sprout maker is a three –layered container, usually made up of plastic that adapts the traditional method to grow sprout beans and pulses in the most hygienic way.

It provides a balanced amount of moisture through its layered design. Also, it does not require any additional electricity or power to sprout the seeds. 

Benefits of using a Sprout Maker over Traditional Methods:

1. Suitable for all kinds of seeds

A sprout maker works great with all kinds of sprouting seeds while this is not possible in traditional methods.
Each seed takes its own time to sprout and some might not sprout at all. 

2. More varieties at a time

A sprout maker consists of three stackable growing trays that allow you to sprout three different varieties at the same time which is not possible in traditional methods. 

3. Produces fresh and organic sprouts
It is the easiest way to produce fresh, healthy and organic sprouts at home which might not happen in traditional methods as the seeds may rot if not given proper conditions for sprouting.

Best 4 Sprout Makers available in India

1. One Stop Shop Slings Plastic Sprout Maker:

One Stop Shop Slings Plastic Sprout Maker, which is made up of virgin plastic, is India’s number one sprouts maker. It comes with two options as per your requirements; a 3- container and a 4-container sprouts maker. It produces enough quantity of sprouts to be consumed by a whole family. 
Buy it here on Amazon:

Tight lid which ensures that the sprouts are neither spoiled nor gets spilled outside the container
Can grow 2-3 varieties at a time 
Provides a capacity of 500ml
Comes with 3 unique ventilation slits, 3 drainage siphons and 1 water tray
Cheaper than the other products 

Some problems with the water drainage 

2. Anjali Sprout Maker Double Decker:

Anjali Sprouts maker is available in a 3 container variant, where 2 containers are growing trays and the last one is for collecting water. You can different varieties of sprouts in the sprout maker at the same time. 

Buy it here on Amazon:


Easy to use and clean
Made up of 100% food grade material
Eliminates foul smell caused after sprouting
Suitable for long-term usage


Container fitting 

3. JN-STORE Plastic Unbreakable 4 Layer Sprout Maker:
JN- Store Sprout is a high-quality product which is very easy to use. It is made up of a food grade plastic and has a transparent body design which eases the task of sprout making. 
Buy it here on Amazon:
Easy to clean
Hygienic and safe
Food grade plastic


Most expensive as compared to the other products 

4. Kreyam’s Plastic Sprout Maker:

Kreyam’s plastic sprout maker contains 3 large-sized bowls which can be used to grow different varieties of sprouts at the same time. The two uppermost bowls are used for growing sprouts while the third bowl collects water. 

Buy it here on Amazon:

Can be used as a Grocery container/utility box as well
BPA free plastic is used 
Heat resistant
Comes with large-sized bowls

More expensive than the other products  

How do you make a homemade sprout machine?

1. Making a homemade sprouts machine isn’t rocket science. Just find a decent sized glass jar, preferably with a lid.
2. With the help of a nail and hammer, make 3mm holes in the lid as it can be used to drain water.  
3. Put some seeds at the bottom of the jar and cover with water to soak for at least twelve hours. A single type of seed or a mix of different varieties can be added to the jar. After at least 12 hours, the seeds should be rinsed in water which should be at the room temperature; it shouldn’t be too cold or too hot. 
4. With the help of the holes made in the lid, the water should be drained out, leaving behind the damp seeds. 
5. Repeat the rinsing process at least once in every 12 hours until the sprouts are ready. It would usually take about 2 to 4 days.

Which are the healthiest sprouts?

1. Bengal Gram sprouts (Chola):  It does not contain any cholesterol. It contains dietary fibre which helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity and digestive problems. It is a good source of vitamin B-6.
2. Green Gram sprouts (Moong): Moong bean sprouts are rich in fibre, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and B Vitamins. It also plays a pivotal role in maintaining bone density, and it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
3. Bean sprouts: Almost every type of bean sprout is rich in Vitamins, specifically Vitamin C, proteins and folate. The amount of Vitamin C in the beans enhances as the seed germinates.  

Different Types of Sprout Makers 

1. Stainless Steel Sprout Maker: Stainless Steel Sprout maker offers exceptional drainage, and is the best non-plastic sprout maker. It is ideal for growing vertical leafy sprouts. This product is very versatile as it can sprout almost any seed. It is even able to grow grass and micro green. 
2. Terracotta Sprout Maker: Terracotta Sprout Maker consists of 3 Terracotta pieces that encourage healthy diet by easing out the process of Sprouting pulses. The lid comes with a tiny hole that helps in the circulation of air and maintains the inner temperature of the whole vessel while the bowl keeps the pulses. The pulses aren’t dipped directly in water because they gradually sprout in a moist environment. Terracotta being a porous material, can soak enough water that helps the pulses to sprout gradually. The last bowl collects water just like a mini reservoir. 

How to use Sprout maker step by step:

1. There are about three containers in a sprout maker. Take the lowest bowl and fill it with ½ cup of water.
2. Fill half of the second that is the middle container with soaked grains.
3. Place the third container on top so that the knob is directly opposite to the knob of the middle container. 
4. Soak the grains overnight first and then fill the top container with those grains. 
5. Cover it and keep it aside for about 24 hours. The next day, the grains would have sprouted. 

FAQS about Sprout Maker

Q1. Is Sprout Maker useful?
Ans: The main purpose to manufacture a Sprout Maker was to make cooking comfortable and easy. It is used to make sprouts that are high in nutrition value and are organic.