How much ever you try to keep your home clean, the dust just keeps coming back.

Dusting, Sweeping and Mopping are the most tedious jobs to keep your home clean.

And it takes a lot of time and energy as well.

There are tons of articles which tell you how to Clean your homes efficiently?

But here we bring to you a permanent solution to

stop the dust from coming in the housein the first place.

Let me ask you a question.

What do you do if your bathroom pipe starts to leak?
Do you let it leak and keep cleaning the leaking water day in and day out?
Or Do you Call the plumber to fix the Leak?
The same rule applies to the dust.


  • So, where does the dust enter our homes?

Most of the dust and sand leaks into our homes from the cracks and small openings on the edges of the doors and windows.

If you think about it, the dust can not manage to come through the walls.

We have a permanent solution which will reduce your cleaning work by more than 90%.

Best Weather Stripping Seal for Doors ans Windows in India - 2020


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  • Advantages of Weather Stripping Seal

1.Prevents the dust form entering the house

2. Blocks sound, pests, viruses, smell, smoke

and all unwanted particles that can be transmitted easily by air.

3. Helps in soundproofing the rooms -

The D shape of the tape and the vacuum foam helps to absorb the outside sound vibration,

making your environment more quieter.

4. No extra tool or equipment required to install the weather stripping seal on the doors and windows.

Also comes with a self adhesive tape

5. Saves electricity - It prevents the cold air from the Air conditioner to escape & keeps the room cool.

6. Improves the Air Quality in the house, as it reduces the dust particles inside.

7. Very flexible and durable - Can be used on any surface - Wood, Metal, Aluminium, Plastic.

8. Reduces Maintenance of Air conditioners and Air Purifiers

  • How does the Weather Stripping Seal Work?

It is one of the simplest solution to all your cleaning needs.

All you need to do is measure the 3 sides of the door.

(Approximately 18 feet or 5 meters)

(Not the bottom, we have something else in store for you.)

This seal comes with a self adhesive at the back,

so you don't need to worry about how to stick it to the

edges of your doors and windows.

Just remove the double sided tape, and stick the

Weather Stripping seal on the 3 edges of your door.

You can use this Weather Stripping seal tape on the windows as well,

and can stick it to to all 4 sides.

It is that simple...
It literally took me just 5 min to weather strip one door.

  • Ok, so what to do with the bottom of the door?


This weather stripping bottom seal, sticks to the bottom of your door.

Covering the gap between the door and the floor.

Key Tips

  • TIP#1 : Before sticking the weather stripping seal, do observe the amount of light coming in from the edges of the door and observe the light coming in after the seal has been installed.

  • TIP#2 : Clean the edges of the door before you stick the weather stripping seal.

  • TIP#3 : One Door will require approximately 18 feet of weather stripping seal and 3 feet of bottom seal

  • TIP#4 :Keep a Scissors handy

  • TIP#5 :The door might restrict a little while closing it, but that means that the seal is in contact with the surfaces of the doors and sealing it properly.

Trust me when i say this I could not find any dis-advantages of this product.

Please do let is know in the comments if you have used this product or would like to share your experience.