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2pcs Car Blind Spot Convex Rear View Mirror

2pcs Car Blind Spot Convex Rear View Mirror
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2pcs Car Blind Spot Convex Rear View Mirror
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2 Car Blind Spot Convex Rear View Mirror 


The above shown picture clearly depicts what is blind spot and how essential this accessory is for your car to save you from fatal accidents due to the phenomenon of Blind Spot.

Understanding What is a Blind Spot

How These Tiny Mirrors Prove Very Useful in Avoiding Fatal Accidents ?

The mirrors easily mount to the vehicle's left and right side mirrors with pre in sided foam tape and successfully achieved the goal of adding vehicle by enhancing the visibility for the driver, helping the driver to make safe lane change other drivers in the ''blind spot'' and helping reduce accidents.



-Chrome Border - Stylish & Differentiates from normal view of the mirror

-One Pair of Mirrors Fitted on both sides, the driving and the non-driving sides.

-Diameter: 2'' size with Universal size- Fits all types of car models and side mirrors

-Convex Mirror Wide Viewing Angle to -Prevent Accidents

-Gum Tape Included To fix them easily on the side view mirrors

-Beveled Edge Design To differentiate from the normal mirror view

In the box :

One Pair Blind spot mirror

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