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2 Ton Bottle CAR Hydraulic Jack

2 Ton Bottle CAR Hydraulic Jack
2 Ton Bottle CAR Hydraulic Jack
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2 Ton Bottle Car Hydraulic Jack 




2 Ton bottle Hydraulic Jack -Change Flat tyre easily

Simply use this Hydraulic Jack to easily Lift your car for changing a flat tyre

No special strength required as it is all Hydraulic

Great for ladies who drive

Perfect for anyone who wants a ease while changing a flat tyre

Time saving as compared to mechanical jack

Quick operation

Can lift a Car of around 2 ton weight

Very Compact and easy to store in car dicky



Capacity : 4000lbs

Maximum Height : 12""

Minimum Height : 7""

Weight : 5 lbs.


NoteAlways make sure you use any kind of Jack on a stable / flat / non slippery surface for maximum stability & safety

2 ton bottle jack is perfect for tire changing, general lifting, and using with hydraulic assisted equipment

Screw top extension on this hydraulic jack

Note** Only For hatch Back Cars

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