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Model: 18-in-1-Ninja
18-in-1 Wallet Ninja Multi-Purpose Tool Credit Card Size 1.This multi-tool card is made out of high-quality and highly strong stainless steel   2.Fine, strong and useful:This credit-card-sized device boasts 18 useful functions, which will help you in your daily life.   ..
Model: Nova Hair Crimper and Curler
2 in 1 Nova Hair Crimper and Curler     Hair Crimper delivers instant styling by giving you natural-looking waves and curls.  You could get soft and bouncy curls without visiting a salon.  This hair curler has a long clip in the barrel tha..
Model: Snack And Drink In 1 Cup
2 In 1 Snack And Drink In 1 Cup    - Snackeez is the all-in-one, go anywhere snacking solution! Now you can have your favorite drink and favorite snack all in one hand! Snackeez seals completely to keep snacks fresh in the cup. - Snackeez travel cup with cap lid ..
Model: 2Ltr_PressureCooker
Body & lid made of premium quality Stainless Steel   Gasket Release Vent (GRV)   Ergonomically designed handle   Aluminium Thermal Base (ATB)   Safety valve  ..
Model: Arm Band Light
2 Modes Armband Safety Light Flasher For Running Jogging Cycling LED Light       1.LED armband safety light with steady and flash two modes.   2.It acts as a warning signal to others of your presence in the dark nights         ..
Model: Sc_clean2P
Laptop LCD Monitor Cleaner Plasma Screen Cleaning Kit  - 2 pcs  Main Feature: Brand new and high quality Could clean the dust most effectively and completely Cleans without scratch and damaging surface.  Keep the LCD screen bright and clean li..
Model: BCG_2Packs_Red.card
1.Enjoy fostering great family fun with this awesome pack of classic poker game cards. These fantastic cards are great for playing card games such as Hand and Foot, Poker, and Solitaire.2.Card games are fun, right? Magic tricks with cards also fun, right? Well, let’s double that FUN with JUMBO decks..
Brand: ... Model: 2compass
Fengshui / Vastu Compass Stainless Steel for Navigation Travel Camping  - 2 Pcs      This carry-along compass is suitable for those who constantly need to determine their auspicious and inauspicious directions. A compass is a must have tool for anyone practi..
Model: Visiting_card
Visiting Card Business Card Holder ( Leather Metal Finish)  - 2 Pcs Executives always need business cards on hand. Hence business card holders are very useful and great giveways. These sleek and good looking card holders can hold 50 standard business cards. The feel is elegant leathe..
Model: 2p_12w Bulb
2pcs - 12W LED Cool White Bulb Also available 3 Pcs 12W LED Bulbs @ 199 Also available 5 Pcs 12W LED Bulbs @ 279 Also Available 10 Pcs 12W LED Bulbs @ 499/- (12 Watt LED bulb can replace 36 Watt CFL Bulbs) (12 Watt LED Bulb is Replacement For 100w Incandescent Bulb/Filament Bulb)..
Brand: ... Model: 2P_3.5mmAux Cable
3.5mm to 3.5 mm Male Stereo - 2 pcs  This 3.5mm standard stereo extension cable lets you make a simple minijack-to-minijack connection, such as an iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry Smartphone or MP3 player to a car radio's auxiliary input, or desktop speakers to a PC, while delivering the best p..
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