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Model: CL3340
1.Take out the rear light and bracket from package, and bracket hold towards light, lock by screw2.Install the rear light on bicycle seat tube, lock by screw. if too loose ,rubber belt is suggested to put inside.(suitable seat tube:25-32mm)3.The degree of the rear light could be adjusted, cyclists c..
Model: CL3415
1. Made of high quality metal that is anti-corrosion, wear resistance, solid and durable for long time use.2. Loud alarm can effectively scare thieves away, can also be used as SOS emergency alarm.3. Vibrating sensor system, when the bicycle shake or vibrate, the alarm will release ultra-strong aler..
Model: Bicycle-Stop-Button
1. By properly maintaining your bicycle, you avoid high costs.2. Maintenance starts with proper storage, which prevents damage to your bicycle.3. Therefore, store your bicycle in this space-saving bicycle rack!4. Space-saving: Storing your bicycle can take up a lot of space in the garage.5. This sys..
Model: Water Bottle Holder
1. This water bottle cage adjusts to fit a wide range of bottles and hold them more securely.2. Hold your bottle securely, no matter how rough the ride gets.3. This is for a Brand New Bicycle Frame-mounted Water Bottle Cage with adjustable diameter for multiple bottle sizes.4. This water bottle cage..
Model: Bottle Holder + Bicycle Bell
Bicycle Water Bottle Holder + Bicycle BellAlso Available Bicycle Water Bottle Holder at  - 149/-  - Printed in full colour with dome resin finish- Great quality- Perfect for Schools, Colleges & Sports CentresEnjoy the outdoors and stay safe with our custo..
Model: C09C FY1820 Wireless Indicator
1. Wireless remote control of intelligent taillight turn signal lamp, 5 lighting modes, convenient operation.2. Highlight SMD patch lamp beads, 14 red SMD and 18 yellow SMD on the left and right sides, which can effectively remind cars passing behind.3. The loudspeakers are 120db, and the loudspeake..
Model: CL3384
1. The lights on your bike are very important and a must-have accessory, no matter if you are an urban cyclist, road cyclist or if you love mountain biking at night and early in the morning. 2. The lights provide safety and make you visible to other vehicles, in addition to helping you roll on dark..
Model: CL3343
1. MUST READ: There is a control key at the BOTTOM of TOTAL CONTROL BOX, when it's "ON" position, light brights all the time. 2. When "OFF" position, light only brights when pressing the one of 4 buttons. 3. 4 Button Controls: Four buttons control 4 tone of police whistle. 4. When press button bi..
Model: Disk Brake Lock
Bike Bicycle Anti-Theft Shoes Shape Padlock Disk Brake Safety Lock   1.Solid invincible-looking design will deter thieves Attaches to the disk making it extra difficult to remove without the key Weatherproof. 2.Mechanical lock core is rigorous design so that techn..
Model: CL3395
1. 100% Brand new, heavy duty and high quality Unscrew/ rotate the plastic knobs on both sides to adjust the expansion angle of the stand. 2. Tighten both the knobs after maintaining the correct angle. No need to use the turn-knob once the final adjustment is made. 3. Suitable for maintenance of t..
Model: CL3370
1. Bicycle Bike high sound siren horn of 100 dB capacity.2. It has 6 different kinds of sounds.3. Bicycle horn is super loud to attract passer-by and vehicles4. Control switch and bike horn are separated, it is very convenient for you when you are riding.5. Because you can install the control switch..
Model: HP1186
1. Perfect compact size: 1 wooden case chess board size Length 8 in x Width 7 in x Height 2.5 in with 32 chess pieces. 2. Best stainless steel hip flask comes in a 8 oz (236 ml) Serving. Box Weight: 710gms. 3. Premium quality: It is a stainless steel flask with a tight seal. The flask is resistant..
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