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 Floor & Tile Scrubber Cleaner
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Model: Floor & Tile scrubber
 Floor & Tile Scrubber Cleaner     -Scrubbing those tiles isn’t an easy task. As it takes a lot of energy and time from you, here is the Floor & Tiles Scrubber which is very handy for scrubbing those  tiles. -Clean larger areas and s..
Model: Pepper Spray
 Pepper Chilly Spray ( Self Defence safety for Women) This spray is specially designed and highly effective personal safety device. It is a powerful Pepper formula that occurs severe irritation as well as a burning effect in the eyes and the facial tissues of the attackers. Th..
Model: R-Plain-Chopping-Board
1.This chopping board is made from top quality materials and is resistant to wear, making it perfect for routine use.2.The square shape provides a wide working area while the precise design prevents slipping and sliding during use3.Chop vegetables with complete ease and safety.4.Made from a fine mat..
Model: Hand_Beater
1.Sturdy hand mixer easily mixes up ingredients for smaller baking jobs, without the use of electricity.2.Multipurpose Beater Beating Cream,Eggs,etc,Liquidizing Tomato Soup, Dal,Churring Milk Shake,Lassi Butter Milk etc. Smoothly rotating gears are enclosed for protection and easy clean-up 3.Fa..
 Stainless Steel LPG Gas Cylinder Trolley
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Model: Gas Trolley
 Stainless Steel LPG Gas Cylinder Trolley   The perfect Kitchen companion at an unbeatable price..No more scratching on Tiles, Marble or Flooring of your House.This LPG trolley is a must for your cylinderIt helps you adjust your cylinder easily anywhere in kitc..
Model: 2PCS.Long-Gas_lightr
1.Made from high quality stainless steel this spark lighter is a necessity for your kitchen  2.Single Button Operation, ignition slider.  3.The long shaft ensures a safe ignition distance from the fires or stoves  4.Made of stainless iron, durable, long-lasted and rustp..
Model: Silicon Spatula and Basting Brush
   Made From Good Quality Silicone Material, Nonstick, Reusable, Dishwasher Safe.Removable, Changeable Silicone Heads with Plastic Handle. A hole for hanging on the wall. Non-stick, flexible and easy to handle. Ideal tool for outdoor c..
Model: 10 PCS - 15W LED
10 PCS - 15W LED Cool White Bulb Each LED Bulb Save Electricity bill8 Year life, Average usage 6 hours per daySpecial LED Bulb for reading, Save Eyes from problems due to the usage of CFL BulbsMost Advanced lighting technology in the world, Efficiency 100 Lumen/..
12 Pcs stainless Steel Tea Spoon
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Model: 12 Pcs Spoon
 - It is made of the best quality austensitic Stainless steel,having a correct combination of perfect shape & size. - Handle is make of unbreakable food grade polyprophylene,having an ergonomical design for the comfortable grip.  ..
Brand: ... Model: 2PegMeasure
 Peg Measurer A peg measure is used to measure pegs, while serving drinks Stainless steel peg measures are must-haves for all bars, at home or restaurant or a hotel Made of Super quality stainless steel 30 ml / 60 ml ..
Model: 24pcs spoons
24Pcs Multicolour Table Spoons  24 pcs Plastic Spoons Good Quality Plastic Material Good for all occasions Spoon size- 5.5 Inches    ..
3 Pcs Cotton Hand Towels
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Model: 3HandTowels
3 Pcs Cotton Hand Towels Also Available 6 Pcs Hand Towels @ 229/-Description:Let these soft towels caress and pamper your skin.It features unique bold striped pattern.It is crafted from superior quality cotton material and will be a fabulous addition to your col..
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