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Model: CL3343
1. MUST READ: There is a control key at the BOTTOM of TOTAL CONTROL BOX, when it's "ON" position, light brights all the time. 2. When "OFF" position, light only brights when pressing the one of 4 buttons. 3. 4 Button Controls: Four buttons control 4 tone of police whistle. 4. When press button bi..
Bike BiCycle Double 2 Eye Red LED Rear Break Light Bike BiCycle Double 2 Eye Red LED Rear Break Light
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Model: CL3338
1. This super bright LED light is suitable for mounting on the seat post.2. This 2 x LED light is great assistant to cope with bad outdoors environment and has high visibility for the vehicles coming behind you while riding the darkness.3. It's easy to install and nice to decorate on your favorite b..
Model: CL3321
1. Safety lights for your bike to enable you to ride in the dark. Material: Made of plastic 2. Efficient cooling system, High speed cooling fan, Intelligent temperature control chip is built-in driver, The fins on the base and central heat tube are designed for better heat dissipation 3. Focus lig..
Model: CL3368
1. Presenting you luminous LED light bands.2. Brand new and high quality. High grade material and fine workmanship.3. A practical and lovely tools A great gift for your friends Outdoor sports, night running, large-scale festivals, concerts, promotions, cheering, corporate events, etc.4. These bands ..
Model: CL3371
1. The bicycle LED Light and Horn/Hooter is a perfect accessory for a cyclist with 3 Modes and different sounds of horn. 2. It has two different green buttons for light and horn. 3. The horn is loud enough to draw people's attention and light will ease your cycling in dark and will make you visi..
BiCycle 3 Modes White Red Flasher LED Break Light BiCycle 3 Modes White Red Flasher LED Break Light
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Model: CL3392
1. The lamp has three modes of operation, it is suitable for cyclists, athletes, etc.2. It has three modes of operation: Bright, light, Dim light.3. Brightness mode * Mounted on the bicycle handlebar with a clamp in a convenient twist.4. Allowing to mount the headlight on the steering wheel of any d..
Bicycle UFO Shape LED Wheel Hub Reflectors Decorative Light Bicycle UFO Shape LED Wheel Hub Reflectors Decorative Light
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Model: CL3342
1. Bicycle warning light mounted on the wheel hub. 2. The device can be mounted to any diameter using the included rubber spacers. 3. The diodes work in three modes: continuous, flashing, pulsating. 4. The back light color is BLUE .. I have the same fixed at my bike, which helps a lot in the safety ..
Model: CL3476
1. This solar powered tail light for bicycles is the perfect answer to night time riding. 2. Whether your long distance biking or watching the kids in the street every biker should own one for safety reasons. 3. There's no need to worry about running out of batteries - The Solar Bike Light fully c..
Bike Bi-Cycle 4 LED Bright 5 Modes Rechargeable LED Break Tail Light Bike Bi-Cycle 4 LED Bright 5 Modes Rechargeable LED Break Tail Light
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Model: CL3361
1. The LED light fits easily onto your bike and give you extra safety while cycling at night. 2. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, high brightness. 3. Low heat generating, no UV or IR light radiation. 4. 4 super bright LED bulbs with a red lens. 5. Wide angle design, the effective dist..
Model: CL3345
1. Specially designed for the vocational rider or casual cyclist Simple to use, long lasting, and safety attached Easy mount and release.2. Installed in seconds before you get ready to ride be seen while riding your bicycle.3. This LED light is the perfect solution for night-time safety when biking...
Model: CL3320
1. High Brightness – 180 Lumens. Four lighting modes, high brightness, low brightness, fast strobe and slow strobe 2. Made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and PC material. 3. IPX4 waterproof with max 180lm XPE LED light bead, max 158m lighting range, shining even in rainy dark night. 4.Easy installat..
Model: CL3360
1. The bicycle tail light has 6 modes: Standard, high, over drive, 50% Flashing, 100% Flashing and Strobe.2. It’s a high Brightness LED Light which comes with a USB Cable.3. A Quick release handlebar mount is fit for 12-32 mm. It has rechargeable lithium polymer battery( 3.7 V 500 Mah).4. It can be ..
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