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Model: Round.Regal.3Way
1.Each socket carries current of 6 AMP at 220 V.2.Can be used for appliances under 500 Watts such as Mobile Chargers, TV, Laptops, etc3.Comes with 6 yard long extension cable with 3 pin plug which ensures safety.4.Cord Length: 3.5 m5.Body Material: Plastic6.Type: Wall Mount7.Number of Sockets: 3..
Hilex Heavy Duty 9 Way Socket Electric Spike Power Extension Boards Hilex Heavy Duty 9 Way Socket Electric Spike Power Extension Boards
2-3 Days
Model: Hilex.9Way.Socket
1.1X 15Amp Socket + 8 X 5 amp Socket ( 4 x 3 Pin + 4 X 2 Pin ), .The multi-plug comes equipped with a surge protector and safety shutter. These safety measures present in the multi-plugs protects your devices from power fluctuations.  2.This multi-plug comes with an indicator light which g..
Model: 8Way_Hilex-Strip
Electric Spike with Fuse Protection Power Extension Board 8 Socket Surge Protector    1.Heavy Duty 8 in 1 White Mini Strip 2.Power Strip 3.Extension Cord, with On / Off  4.Switch & LED Indicator with 3-4m lengthy wire and Free ..
Model: 5way_Hilex
1.Heavy Duty 5 in 1 White Mini Strip / Power Strip.2.Extension Cord, with On / Off.3.Switch & LED Indicator with 3-4m lengthy wire and Free .4.3 Three Pin Socket + 2 A Two Pin Socket.5.Suitable for most home appliances (such as rice cooker, fan, refrigerator, machine and other appliance.Specific..
Model: Hilex-4+1.Socket
1.An erogonomically designed white coloured extension cord with a sleek and modish design.  2.It provides adequate space between the sockets and avoids chaos.  3.Extremely useful and suitable for household, office computer as well as it's Quite durable and affordable.  ..
Model: Hilex.8way+2USB- UB6666
1.Hilex USB Dual USB 2.4 Amp. 8 Socket Extension Cord. 2.User can charge two mobile phones thru USB Port by connecting data cable, at the same time 3.user can connect 8 electrical devices to the socket provided in Extension Cord to a 3m long distance. 4.3 Pin top 3 Core Main Lead 3m l..
Model: 3way-2usb
2.1 Amp 2 USB port + 3 Way Electric Power Socket Extension  Specifications:-3 Way Extension Board + 2 USB ports with 5V and 2.1 Amp OutputDirect Plug In with USB cable and Charge Mobile / Tablet / Smart PhonesMultipurpose Surge Protector designed with ..
Model: 8WayExtension
8 Way (6 + 2 ) Universal Extension Board    Specifications:-8 Way Extension BoardMultipurpose Surge Protector designed with universal pins which fits in 58 countries plugs.Solid PCB connection provides maximum reliability.High ..
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