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Model: 3G-Power-Saver
    1.3G Power Saver uses a state of the electrical technology to actively monitor the power factor of your household /office /factories   2.The intelligent technology optimizes the voltage and current demands thus reducing the active power / KWH demands and sav..
Model: CL3452
Bike Bicycle Beto Handle Bar Heavy Plastic Water Drinks Holder     1.Fiberglass material, ultra-light, Waterproof 2.strong enough to hold water bottle 3.Keeps the bottle in place when riding over rough terrain. 4.Perfect for t..
Heavy Black Catapult SlingShot 3 + 3 Latex Bands Gulel
Out Of Stock
Model: SS6627
   1.It is very durable with die-casting aluminum alloy frame, 2 Anti skid Latex Bands rope, high-tension rubber bands High-speed and high-tension Latex rubber bands, 3-trip Rubber Bands are free 3.Used for outdoor competition and fitness catapult, also ..
Model: 5way_Hilex
1.Heavy Duty 5 in 1 White Mini Strip / Power Strip.2.Extension Cord, with On / Off.3.Switch & LED Indicator with 3-4m lengthy wire and Free .4.3 Three Pin Socket + 2 A Two Pin Socket.5.Suitable for most home appliances (such as rice cooker, fan, refrigerator, machine and other appliance.Specific..
Model: SS6623
Dragon Steel Heavy Latex Band Catapult Gulel SlingShotBuy Now at Amazon More Similar Slingshots at AmazonFeatures 1.Dragon Shape Ergonomic molded handle grip 2.Great for outdoor entertainment, Use such as rocks 3. Use such as rocks marble..
Model: Hilex.9Way.Socket
1.1X 15Amp Socket + 8 X 5 amp Socket ( 4 x 3 Pin + 4 X 2 Pin ), .The multi-plug comes equipped with a surge protector and safety shutter. These safety measures present in the multi-plugs protects your devices from power fluctuations.  2.This multi-plug comes with an indicator light which g..
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