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 Stainless Steel LPG Gas Cylinder Trolley
Out Of Stock
Model: Gas Trolley
 Stainless Steel LPG Gas Cylinder Trolley   The perfect Kitchen companion at an unbeatable price..No more scratching on Tiles, Marble or Flooring of your House.This LPG trolley is a must for your cylinderIt helps you adjust your cylinder easily anywhere in kitc..
Model: 2PCS.Long-Gas_lightr
1.Made from high quality stainless steel this spark lighter is a necessity for your kitchen  2.Single Button Operation, ignition slider.  3.The long shaft ensures a safe ignition distance from the fires or stoves  4.Made of stainless iron, durable, long-lasted and rustp..
1.7 Liters Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle
Out Of Stock
Model: CordlessKettle
Concealed Heating Element, Can be used as Milk Boiler also.Description:After Boiling water and shut power automatically Cooking rice,noodles Boiling water and keep warm at any temprature Reheat water or milk at any temperature 360..
12 Pcs Stainless Steel Cloth Clips
Out Of Stock
Model: 12 Pcs Clips
12 Pcs Stainless Steel Cloth Clips  - Set of 12 Steel Rust Free Clips for drying heavy jeans, sarees, any other clothes.  - Length - 5 cm   ..
12 Pcs stainless Steel Tea Spoon
Out Of Stock
Model: 12 Pcs Spoon
 - It is made of the best quality austensitic Stainless steel,having a correct combination of perfect shape & size. - Handle is make of unbreakable food grade polyprophylene,having an ergonomical design for the comfortable grip.  ..
Brand: ... Model: 2compass
Fengshui / Vastu Compass Stainless Steel for Navigation Travel Camping  - 2 Pcs    This carry-along compass is suitable for those who constantly need to determine their auspicious and inauspicious directions. A compass is a must have tool for anyone pra..
Brand: ... Model: 2PegMeasure
 Peg Measurer A peg measure is used to measure pegs, while serving drinks Stainless steel peg measures are must-haves for all bars, at home or restaurant or a hotel Made of Super quality stainless steel 30 ml / 60 ml ..
Brand: ... Model: 2P_HIPFLASK
2 Pcs - Protos Hip Flask Stainless Steel - 200ml Also Available  Hip Flask Stainless Steel - 200ml at - 169/-  New and high quality, never used Stainless steel material, sturdy and durable Exquisite workmanship makes it elegant Br..
Model: Tea Sugar Stainless Steel Container
2 Pcs Set Tea Sugar Stainless Steel Container- Shiny, Mirror Finish. Stainless Steel, easy to clean and very Durable- 2 Pcs Set Tea Sugar Stainless Steel Container  ..
3 in 1 Stainless Steel Liquor Bottle or Wine Whiskey Alcohol Drinks Holder Pocket Hip Flask 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Liquor Bottle or Wine Whiskey Alcohol Drinks Holder Pocket Hip Flask
2-3 Days
Model: HP1173
1.Liquor hip flask with 3 de-attachable layer and funnel set to carry and drinks wine, whisky, vodka alcoholic beverages for men and women.2.Add lots of comfort while usage, as it can be used as a single layer compact hip flask or two layer as desired. Functional body shape with smooth round edges f..
Model: HP1152
6 - Piece Bar Set Wooden Chess Hip Flask Stainless Steel Cork Wine Bottle Opener  1.Perfect Gift Is a awesome gift for gentleman, also can play chess while drink with friends 2.Share drink, child can play chess, much more fun wherever you go for fishing, sunbath, long tr..
Model: 6 PGlass Holder
6 PCs Glass with Stainless Steel Holder Also Available Glass with stainless Steel holder at - 79/-Also Available 2 Pcs Glass with stainless Steel holder at - 129/-    -Heat-resistant Glass Coffee Cup with Handle.-Materials : good q..
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