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Kids Inflatable Sofa with Pump

Kids Inflatable Sofa with Pump
Kids Inflatable Sofa with Pump
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Kids Inflatable Sofa with Pump


Also Available - Kids Inflatable Sofa at - 299/-


Design will be send Randomly as per the Availability






Inflatable Sofa

-For Children of any age, They Can Sit, Lay Or Do Anything On It.
-Very Comfortable, Made up of extra thick material Maximum Load Up to 60 Kgs.
-Other Bean bags requires you to change the 'beans' when they are crushed down, but this bean less bean bag is maintenance free.
-Colour & Print Design may slightly differ from the Image shown.
-The double quick air pump is a high output manual inflation pump that is durable, Portable and Easy to use
-Includes an accordion hose, with 3 connecting nozzles
-Can be used for pool rafts, beach ball, inflatable boats and more
-The pump inflates on both the down stroke and up stroke for faster inflation intex.
-Accordion style hose with 3 different nozzle sizes to fit most valves.
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