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LPG Gas Hose (1.5mtr) + Gas Lighter

LPG Gas Hose (1.5mtr) + Gas Lighter
LPG Gas Hose (1.5mtr) + Gas Lighter
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LPG Gas Hose (1.5mtr) + Gas Lighter



Gas Hose Specifications:-

1- Leak Proof

2- Rats can't bite through Steelwire

3- Abrasion, ozone & water Resistant

4- Flame Resistant

5- Strong Grip on the regulator no clamps required


Safety Tips:-

Always insist upon ISI certified wire re-inforced rubber hose.

Be sure that the hose is fully pushed on the nozzle.

Always use Safety cap when cylinder is not in use.

Do not use any lubricant to insert the hose on the nozzle

Do not use any kind of clamp or clip.

Switch off the regulator when stove is not in use.


Gas Lighter Specifications:-

Material: Stainless steel and plastic Dimensions: Lighter - 8 inches

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