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Model: Floor & Tile scrubber
 Floor & Tile Scrubber Cleaner     Description:- -Scrubbing those tiles isn’t an easy task. As it takes a lot of energy and time from you, here is the Floor & Tiles Scrubber which is very handy for scrubbing those  tiles.   -Clean larger areas and stubborn dirt with m..
Model: Winter Hand Gloves and Skull Cap
    Skull Cap - Winter Caps for Men and women - Protects from winters   - Plain caps no design   - Colours will be sent as per the availability of the stock   Winter Hand Gloves   - 1Pair Winter Hand Gloves and Skul..
Model: Silicone Dish Mat
1 PCS Heat Resistant Silicone Dish Mat  Also Available Protos 2 PCS Heat Resistant Silicon Dish Mat at  - 249- Also Available Protos 3 PCS Heat Resistant Silicon Dish Mat at  - 399-   - 100% food grade silicone hot pad&..
Model: InnerWearLarge
1 Set Winter Inner Wear Large 1 Pc Top +  1 Pc Bottom will be shipped Also Available Winter Inner Wear Large - Top at - 229/- Also Available Winter Inner Wear Large - Bottom at - 229/- Also Available Winter Inner Wear Medium - Bottom at - 229/-     ..
Model: 10 PCS - 9W
10 PCS - 9W LED Cool White Bulb   Also Available 3 Pcs 9 W Bulb at Rs. 179 Also Available 2 Pcs 9 W Bulb at Rs. 139 Also Available 5 pcs 9W White Bulb at Rs. 249 (9 Watt LED bulb can replace 21 Watt CFL Bulbs) (9 Watt LED Bulb is Replacement For 80w Incandescent Bulb/Fil..
Model: Candle
10 Pcs Thick Round 50mm Candle Burning Time Approx 12 Hrs. Also Available 5 Pcs Candle at - 199/-     Pillar Candles are solid and self standing.  Their shapes are typically round Decorative, Party, Birthday, Daily-use, Festiv..
Model: TD6000-Torch
High Quality Powerful 30W T6 LED 1000 Meters Search Light    Description 1.Operating Range : 1000m (Approx )   2.Powerful Portable Long Range LED Search Light is designed for Perfect illumination   3.Conveniently Suitable for both Long & Short Range.   4.Functi..
Model: 12 Pcs Clips
12 Pcs Stainless Steel Cloth Clips     Description - Set of 12 Steel Rust Free Clips for drying heavy jeans, sarees, any other clothes.    - Length - 5 cm     ..
Brand: ... Model: 2P_HIPFLASK
2 Pcs - Protos Hip Flask Stainless Steel - 200ml   Also Available  Hip Flask Stainless Steel - 200ml at - 169/-   Features New and high quality, never used Stainless steel material, sturdy and durable Exquisite workmanship makes it elegant Britain styl..
Brand: ... Model: 2Wallet
2 Pcs Security Credit Card Wallet Light Weight Water Resistant 6 Pockets   100% Brand new and high quality, Protects your identity .   Prevents hacking or accidental reading of your contact less payment cards and protects cards from demagnetization damages   Desi..
Model: Intercom Phone
2 Pcs Electronic Intercom Phone           - When you want to have a talk with the other Phone, Lift the Hand set press the talk button and bell of other phone will ring.   - While talking please speak into the mouth piece of the ..
Model: Hand Fan
2 Pcs Flexible Folding Fabric Japanese Hand Fan   Description:- A fabric folding hand fan helps you to stay cool.   Very light weight fan   Small Size - Can be easily put in your purse.   Flexible - No chance of Breakage   ..
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