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Pepper Chilly Spray - Safety for Women

 Pepper Chilly Spray - Safety for Women
Pepper Chilly Spray - Safety for Women
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 Pepper Chilly Spray ( Self Defence safety for Women)


This spray is specially designed and highly effective personal safety device. It is a powerful Pepper formula that occurs severe irritation as well as a burning effect in the eyes and the facial tissues of the attackers. This product also makes the attacker’s completely immobilized. When pepper spray is applied into the attacker’s face, he will instantly close his eyes and face some problems, like severe burning, excessive tearing, exertion breathing, extreme coughing and runny nose. This is a self-defense pepper spray which is good for senior citizens, women, petrol pump: bank security/ cashiers/ATM guards, useful against charging animals and highway motorist etc. 

This spray is fast effective personal safety device combining with a safe mode step lock facility that offers easy and safe carrying features. It has a powerful Pepper formula that may the reason of burning and severe irritation in the eyes; making them completely disabled and immobilized; the mucus membranes and the facial tissues of the assailants. Although it has a powerful effect, but don’t be the cause of any permanent damage or scars. It has a temporary effect that disappears within 2-3 hours. This self defense pepper spray is suitable for senior citizens; women; petrol pump: bank security/cashiers/ATM guards; highway motorist and also useful against charging animals.
It contains high-irritant chilly extract which offers temporary blindness along with restricted breathing and severe burning sensation in an attacker, thus delivering you the sufficient time to escape from the attackers. The effects of the pepper spray remain for 30 to 45 minutes.

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