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Bike Bicycle Horn Front LED Light USB Rechargeable Waterproof Bell


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Bike Bicycle Horn Front LED Light USB Rechargeable Waterproof Bell


1. Bicycle light and horn rechargeable 350 lumens, 5 sound modes, 4 lighting modes.

2. Bicycle light rechargeable Eight quality: Smart touch, horn with light 140 db, t6 lamp beads, split wire, bicycle horn usb direct charge, super bicycle waterproof design, durable life, a variety of models.

3. Bicycle horn rechargeable Innovative touch switch design: Sensitive touch switch, instant open, easy to use, seamless and more waterproof.

4. Touch switch, easy to turn on the lights. 140 high-decibel speakers: High-decibel call, comparable to the car speakers, always reminded passers-by attention to safety.

5. Press and hold the 5-second speaker button to switch between 5 sounds.

6. T6 high light beads, piece polycarbonate, high temperature 200 degrees.

7. 350 lumens high-power light lighting, a range of about 150 meters, the life of up to more than 100,000 hours.

8. Metering light source, red metering belt, riding more secure.

9. At night, from the side can also see the lights, to ensure safety. 85 degrees wide light effect.

10. There is no corner of the ride. Large capacity battery, continuous resistance. Usb charging, charging convenient, automatic charging power, energy saving. Split wire control, brake can easily trumpet. Power Supply: Built-in battery/USB cable


  • Type: Front Light
  • Light Type: LED
  • Color: Black
  • Rechargeable Battery : Yes


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