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Cycle Laser Light LED Front Rear Light LED Spot Light (Black)


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10 in stock

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Cycle Laser Light LED Front Rear Light LED Spot Light (Black)


1. As much as we love using our bikes to get from point a to point b, we all know the dangers of riding at night.

2. Many different accessory makers have introduced solutions to help solve this age old problem, and the latest is the laser tail light bicycle lane.

3. This awesome device attaches to the back of your bicycle and once turned on illuminates a laser bicycle lane that increases your visibility exponentially.

4. An ingenious device, this is one of those must have devices for night time riders.

5. This little laser beam tail light will ensure your safety while riding in the darkness.

6. It has 5 leds and 2 laser beams.

7. The led and the laser work independently.

8. There are 6 modes of the leds flashing. It is powered by two aaa batteries (not included).

9. The working time depends on the batteries employed: with two 900 mah batteries it can generate laser beam for 8 to 9 hours.

10. We recommend to use only alkaline or nimh rechargeable batteries for longer use and increases product durability.


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