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Cycle Trainer Steel Plastic 8-level magnetic bike trainer


10 in stock

10 in stock

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Cycle Trainer Steel Plastic 8-level magnetic bike trainer


1. Virtual Cycling. The best products for the cyclist.

2. Train safely with the new trainer roller that holds your rear wheel to prevent bike movement.

3. With 8 levels of remote-controlled magnetic resistance, you can get more out of your training and exercise better.

4. Our rollers are tested by high performance cyclists which guarantees long durability.

5. 8 levels of resistance – Magnetic – Remote control – Front bracket included – Includes locking axle – 1 year factory default warranty.

6. It could be just your fancy bicycle stand if you’d like, but what if you’re itching for a good cycle workout on a rainy day but you can’t go outdoors? You can still cycle with the bn bike trainer, ready and stable for your stationary cycling needs

7. max load 135kg, Product weight about 9 kg



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