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Poker Game 100pcs Chips and Tin Storage Box Set with Dealer Button


10 in stock

10 in stock

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Poker Game 100pcs Chips and Tin Storage Box Set with Dealer Button


1. 100-Piece Casino-Style Poker Chips Get ready to ante up with 100 casino-style Poker chips.

2. Keep your Poker chips neatly organized during heated game moments with the included Tin Box.

3. Poker Game Set with 100 Chips, Tin Box Fun Game Do you get more and more poker friends to visit your home game? Then this is the ideal way to your to supplement or expand you poker chip set.

4. 100 Dual Toned Poker Chips. Tin Box for better protection and long life.

5. Everything Included Complete Set of 100 professional poker-chips, dealer button with chips of 1, 5, 10 and 25. Please note that this is an entry level poker set with 4 grams chips.

6. Best for Diwali games, Diwali get together and parties, fun and entertainment games in gathering and parties, Ideal for group gatherings, Diwali parties and gifting purposes.

7. Portable and Fun-filled Challenge friends and family to a fun-filled Poker Game by mixing it up with a bit of drinking shots to the game.

8. Also the Poker Chips Game set is portable enough, which makes it easy to carry around.

9. So, whether you?re at home or office, the party is just a poke away!! Durable & Premium Quality These Poker Chips are made up of high and premium quality of material.

10. Poker game consisting of 4 denominations and 1 Dealer button has been all set to get your party started in your own way.

11. 100 Poker Chips game is really interesting and sure to be fun! Specifications 100pcs poker chips (4 denomination) and 1pc dealer button set housed in an iron box .

  • 1. Type: poker chip
  • 2. Color: colorful
  • 3. Material: plastic
  • 4. Weight: 535gms
  • 5. Package Include: 100 pcs poker chips & 1Pc Dealer


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