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Protos 90X Telescope Attache Case 360MM F Length 50 MM Dia Hard Tripod  zoom Protos 90X Telescope Attache Case 360MM F Length 50 MM Dia Hard Tripod  zoom
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Model: 90X_Attache
PROTOS 90X Power Advance Telescope Hard Case Tripod     Features: Brings Objects upto 90 Times Closer ( 90 X) ! Focal Length : 360 mm Diameter : 50mm Comes With A 12" Metal Tabletop Tripod Main Features & Specifications: 18X -..
Model: F70060
The Protos Telescope F70060 Model 525x Power Telescope 60700 With Tripod 700mm 60mm Telescope can bring us closer to the universe that's studded with stars, galaxies and planets, giving us some fascinating insights of the night's sky, and creates many breathtaking images. The solid refractor telesco..
Model: 76700
PROTOS INDIA.NET 525X Telescope for Stars Moon and Galaxy Long Distance 76700 Reflector Astronomical Telescope Present Model - 76700 Magnification up to 525 Times   - Specification    76mm / 3"inch telescope with aluminum tripod    - Ap..
Model: F36050
This is a high-powered telescope, with good performance observation of celestial bodies, suitable for entry-level amateur astronomers and children. Different magnification eyepieces can make you free with observed at different distances and sizes objects . And the telescope as the viewing mirror, ca..
Professional Astronomy Telescope Mount Portable Tripod Outdoor Reflective Astronomical Telescopio 750150 Professional Astronomy Telescope Mount Portable Tripod Outdoor Reflective Astronomical Telescopio 750150
2-3 Days
Model: 750150
1.Motor Drive for the automatic tracking. Star pointer finder scope.2.All coated, glass, erect image optics - Ideal for terrestrial and astronomical use3.Quick and easy no-tool setup with quick release dovetail attachment and preassembled tripod4.Mounted StarPointer and Equatorial mount with Setting..
Model: BN2230
1.This 16x52 Dual Focus Monocular comes with multi-characteristics, such as, Dual Focusing, which can look the much longer distance and more distinct2.It provides you clear viewing of long distance objects (98 -800 meters), and close focus distance of 5 meters.3.BAK4 roof prism, and 52mm objective l..
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Buy Telescope Online in Delhi India |Best Astronomical Telescope Price in India

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about telescopes in India


What are the different specifications that need to be looked at before buying a telescope?

  1. ·        Type
  2. ·        Aperture
  3. ·        Mount Type
  4. ·        Max Magnification
  5. ·        Finderscope
  6. ·        Focal Length
  7. ·        Tripod


What is the cost of telescope in India?

Telescope is a very complex device which helps you to see far objects. The higher the magnification of the telescope the clearer you would be able to see the abject and higher the price. Normally telescopes price start from Rs.3500 and can go up to Rs.45,000.


How much does a good quality telescope cost?

Good quality telescope can start from above Rs.3000, and if you are a first time user or a beginner we would recommend that you but one with a  similar price range to get a hang of it and later move up using a professional one.


Can you see the rings of Saturn with a telescope?

This totally depends upon the positioning of the sun and other planets in the solar systems. Although if you are lucky you can see the rings of the Saturn with a telescope or a even a binocular with a magnification of more than 25x.


 What Is A Telescope?

It is a tool that astronomers use to see faraway objects. Telescopes working principle is very simple, they consist of curved mirrors to

focus and gather light from the night sky. The lenses in a telescope are called optics. A telescope can see a

very tiny thing and the things that are far away; and to do that the lenses or mirrors have to be really big. The

bigger the lenses will be the more light it will be able to gather. The light is then concentrated by the shape of

the optics and that is the light we see when we look into the telescope.

What Are The Types Of Telescopes?

You can find different shapes and sizes of a telescope; there are majorly a few main types depending on how

they are working and what they are used to view. 

1) Refracting telescope – There are two lenses in these types of telescopes and these are the simplest to

use. These telescopes can be quite large and heavy. To allow more lights to enter through the primary

lens it usually has a large aperture. The body is quite long and the lenses are really large of a refracting

telescope. Since it’s a heavy telescope it is not easy to transport it. 

2) Reflecting telescope – These types of telescopes are also called as a catoptrics version of a telescope. 

Although there are many similarities in reflecting and refracting telescopes such as the tube and lens

system, there are a few things that are different for a reflecting telescope; the tube allows light to enter

from one end where there is a primary mirror, and on the other end there is a secondary mirror. 

A reflecting telescope is more popular as they are smaller and compact in comparison to refracting

telescopes. This allows the astronomers to carry them to different locations.

3) Catadioptric Telescope - The catadioptric telescope is a mixer of both reflecting and refracting

telescopes. In these telescopes, the interior tube has a corrective lens that allows incoming light. The

light is reflected through a primary mirror to a secondary mirror. It’s then reflected in the primary mirror

and the eyepiece. These telescopes are portable and small. These telescopes have an advantage as

there are both mirrors and lenses for focusing. These can be used by everyone from an amateur to an

advanced user.

4) Radio Telescope – Every object in the sky gives off radio waves. A Radio telescope uses these radio

waves to create an image of far-off celestial bodies. These waves are read by huge antennas that have

large dishes attached. 

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