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Trust MicroWave Rice Steamer 1.5 Lts Cooker

Trust MicroWave Rice Steamer 1.5 Lts Cooker
Trust MicroWave Rice Steamer 1.5 Lts Cooker
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Trust MicroWave Rice Steamer Cooker

Features :
  • No more messy and time consuming traditional Cooking of Rice.
  • Steam fresh, hot and soft Rice , in just 3-4 minutes ( Depends on type of Rice).
  • Very Economical, Convenient and Quick to steamed Rice at any time.
  • Made out of superior food grade, non-toxic, virgin Polymer plastic.
  • Highly durable with standing temperatures between 20c ~ 110c.
  • Rice Cookingis absolutely fat free, as the container do not require greasing of oil or ghee.
  • Even cooking is made possible, with adequate moisture by its unique design.
  • The tiny vents designed on the periphery, allow the excess steam to escape.
  • No excess moisture builds into the food, there by retaining the original texture of the food.
  • Use Container and cover set to reheat or cook any food in the microwave.
  • The transparent lid serves as splatter proof to all your microwave cooking needs.
  • The Rice steamer is very convenient to cook and turns into a tableware to serve.
  • Also ideal to keep and serve cakes, pastries, cut fruits, salad, etc.
  • Easy to clean and Dishwasher safe.
  • Convenient and safe to refrigerate.
  • For Rice Cooking.
  • Unit size - 6.75" height
  • Diameter - 10"
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