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Water tank overflow Automatic High Level Alarm system

Water tank overflow Automatic High Level Alarm system
Water tank overflow Automatic High Level Alarm system
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 Water tank overflow Automatic Alarm system

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Best Water Tank Overflow Alarm Automatic System

Please Save Water & Electricity.

It’s about time we start protecting our own habitat before it’s too late. 

Everyone needs to do their bit, and everyone can start by Saving Water.

This "Water Tank Overflow Alarm" will help you that.


Advantages of the Water Tank Overflow Alarm System


1. It sounds an alarm as soon as the water tank is full, so we don't need to let the water pump (motor) running unnecessarily which will further SAVES ELECTRICITY.

2.  It will also SAVES WATER by avoiding the tank to OVERFLOW.


What is the aim of Water Overflow alarm?

The aim of the Water Tank Overflow alarm is to let the user know the water tank is full, and the pump needs to be switched to avoid water wastage.


What are the advantages of water alarm?

There are two main advantages of the water alarm. SAVE WATER, SAVE ELECTRICITY

-        It sounds an alarm so that the user can immediately go and switch off the water pump, so that the pump doesn’t keep running unnecessarily which will further save electricity

-        It won’t let your tank overflow which will save water


How do water tank alarms work?

Water tank alarms are designed to either sound an alarm or automatically stop the water pump as soon as the water reaches the desired level in a tank or a vessel.

The working principle is of the water tank alarm works on conductivity. As water is a good conductor of electricity, there are two probes or conductors inserted in the tank. As soon as the water level rises and touches both the conductors, the circuit is completed, and it sounds an alarm. (or can also automatically stop the water pump)


How do you install a water tank overflow alarm?

STEP 1 – insert the two wires or conductors in the tank and secure them at a level where you would want to stop the water pump

STEP 2 – Attach the water alarm to a power source.

STEP 3 – All done, Switch on the water pump and the water alarm. (You can connect the water alarm to the same power source as the water pump.)


What is the principle of water alarm?

The water alarm works on the principle of conductivity. As water is a good conductor of electricity, it helps to complete the circuit and let the user know when the eater is completely full.






- Saves Water, Power and Time by preventing "Over Flow" of water from your Over Head Tank.

- Indication and "ATTN. WATER TANK IS FULL OR PANNI KI TANKI BHAR GAYI HAI " Indication Through VOICE alarm output. .

- Indicator Saves Time, Power & Water ..

- This Indicator Can be used with Over Head tank of any Size, Shape & Model

- Indicates High Level of Water with Loud VOICE Alarm.

- No alteration to the Motor or Motor switch is required while Installing this unit..

- Very  Easy Installation..


NEVER GIVES ELECTRIC SHOCK Due to DC (Only 3v)Voltage Output Design.

3. NO Maintenance ever required

4. NO ALTERATION REQUIRED  in your motor wiring






You can use it as a indicator

for water supply taps also to check the flow of water

Working Procedure

A sensor wire is to be placed just below the level of overflow pipe in Over Head Tank.

When Water in Over Head Tank Raises to the level of sensor wire

Voice alarming sound is heard

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