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Bicycle Horn

Bike BiCycle 4 Mode Horn Police Red Blue LED Tail Light Bike BiCycle 4 Mode Horn Police Red Blue LED Tail Light
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Model: CL3343
1. MUST READ: There is a control key at the BOTTOM of TOTAL CONTROL BOX, when it's "ON" position, light brights all the time. 2. When "OFF" position, light only brights when pressing the one of 4 buttons. 3. 4 Button Controls: Four buttons control 4 tone of police whistle. 4. When press button bi..
Bike Bicycle Wireless Ultrasound Electric Battery Horn Bell Bike Bicycle Wireless Ultrasound Electric Battery Horn Bell
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Model: CL3370
1. Bicycle Bike high sound siren horn of 100 dB capacity.2. It has 6 different kinds of sounds.3. 140db bicycle horn is super loud to attract passer-by and vehicles4. Control switch and bike horn are separated, it is very convenient for you when you are riding.5. Because you can install the control ..
Wireless Battery Electric Bi Cycle Bike Bell Weather proof Fog Horn Wireless Battery Electric Bi Cycle Bike Bell Weather proof Fog Horn
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Model: CL3370
Wireless Battery Electric Bi Cycle Bike Bell Weather proof Fog Horn     1.6 Sounds Super Loud Ultra-loud Electronic Bicycle Bell Horn.   2.Easy on-off mounting Integrated bike mount   3.6 different sound effects when press the power switch   4..
Model: CL3371
1. The bicycle LED Light and Horn/Hooter is a perfect accessory for a cyclist with 3 Modes and different sounds of horn. 2. It has two different green buttons for light and horn. 3. The horn is loud enough to draw people's attention and light will ease your cycling in dark and will make you visi..
Model: CL3415
1. Made of high quality metal that is anti-corrosion, wear resistance, solid and durable for long time use.2. Loud alarm can effectively scare thieves away, can also be used as SOS emergency alarm.3. Vibrating sensor system, when the bicycle shake or vibrate, the alarm will release ultra-strong aler..
Bicycle Water Bottle Holder + Bicycle Bell
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Model: Bottle Holder + Bicycle Bell
Bicycle Water Bottle Holder + Bicycle Bell Also Available Bicycle Water Bottle Holder at  - 149/-   - Printed in full colour with dome resin finish - Great quality - Perfect for Schools, Colleges & Sports Centres Enjoy the outdoors and stay safe with our cu..
Model: CL3323
1. Bicycle light and horn rechargeable 350 lumens, 5 sound modes, 4 lighting modes.2. Bicycle light rechargeable Eight quality: Smart touch, horn with light 140 db, t6 lamp beads, split wire, bicycle horn usb direct charge, super bicycle waterproof design, durable life, a variety of models.3. Bicycl..
Model: CL3372 CE SB -200 Bicycle Horn
1. Ultra loud cycle horn with 110 dB sound capacity.2. When you ride in a noisy environment or the complex road conditions, this super loud horn can help you remind those pedestrians and vehicles around you, and can avoid traffic accident in time.3. One touch operation by pressing an in-built switch..
USB Rechargable Horn Bicycle Bike  Bright 3 Mode LED Front Light USB Rechargable Horn Bicycle Bike  Bright 3 Mode LED Front Light
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Model: USB Light SB-265
1. Super bright LED, Three side visibility, Made of high quality ABS plastic, It is regarding.2. Durable and for longtime usage, run time: 4 to 8 hrs. from High to low, LED bulb life is up to 100,000 hours,3. Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery (3.7V 300mAh), this torch is rain proof (should not be..
Model: CL3387
1. The speaker bicycle light utilizes a XPG LED source, 250 lumens with three profiles dimming technology (High light-Low light-Flashing).2. Super bright headlight that satisfy your riding needs and keep you safe. 250 lumen bicycle front light, ensure safety riding at dark night.3. The speaker bicyc..
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