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5 Best Momo Steamer in India : Reviews and Comparison

Since the pandemic has started many people who used to rely on eating quick meals on the go or heading to their workplace cafeterias are facing a lot of problems due to their habits of eating outside but if the COVID-19 has done one good thing that is, making people eat home-cooked food.

Most of the people are now getting reacquainted with their kitchen. From the family that is now spending more time eating together to the novice cook learning to prepare more complicated meals, it’s a time of experimentation in the kitchen that isn’t without its risks.

Our Favourite of all time: Momos

One lip-smacking dish which everyone is experimenting with nowadays is our favourite momos. Everyone is missing those hot-steamy momos with the spicy chutney which we used to get in almost every street has become our favourite meal to cook. Momo steamer, for the same street taste But as you cook it at your kitchens the taste is still not similar to the ones which you used to get at your favourite momos restaurants. The reason can be those beautiful momo steamers which give the real taste and smell to this traditional dish. How hard you try without a momo steamer you can’t get dumplings can definitely be customised to your taste and you can add any vegetables or meats you
prefer. Not only for momos, you can use a steamer for multiple purposes, but it can also be used to
steam other food items such as idli, fish, and even rice too. Due to the rising demand for home-cooked momos, the demand for steamers is also elevating. To help you with that we have made a list of momo steamers which you can use at your home and cook your steamed dishes whenever you want.

Best Momo Streamers In India

Best Momo Streamers in India

  • Stainless Steel Two Tier Steamer
  • Natural 6 Inch Bamboo Dimsum Steamer Basket
  • Stainless Steel Steamer Basket
  • Idly Maker/Cooker/Steamer/satti
  • Stainless Steel Steamers and Idli Maker

Best Momo Streamers in India

Stainless Steel 2 Tier Steamer with Glass Lid – 24 cm

The stainless steel steamer has a glass lid. The steel used in the steamer is of high quality. The steamer is fit for daily use with its heavy gauge induction bottom and toughened glass lid.

PROS (What we like about this Product)
• The sandwich bottom technology prevents food from getting burnt.
• Has a tempered glass lid.
• It is an Induction Friendly steamer.
• Easy to clean.
• Needs to be extra careful with the glass lid.