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Best Wire / Cable Organizers in India : Reviews and Comparison

We all saw so many changes in the last few months due to COVID-19 pandemic, but none of them has been more widespread and drastic than the “working-from-home” or “studying from home”. A number of employees and students are facing this new change. These last few months have been challenging for all of us in different ways. With the world staying at home for the most part; some people are enjoying it, some are still struggling and for a few, it’s frustrating to manage the things altogether.

Poor workspace setup is a worry for all

Working on a laptop for too long can be tiring and hence, many people use their laptops with a separate keyboard, mouse, and monitor because it’s more convenient. You have a phone- it needs a cable, Laptop- needs a cable, Tablet-needs a cable, Mouse- needs a cable. You have that one drawer or one shelf of cables that are just thrown in a box, and takes a lot of time to detangle each time when you need one.

But how to manage all these hanging wires

Regardless of the kind of mess you have, or how neat and hidden away things need to be for you, there are plenty of products to help you out. Whatever your budget is there’s something out there for you that will help bring back your sanity.
Today we are talking about one of the most important products which should be on your top list while working or studying because it makes your work easier.
You need a cable or wire organiser that makes your life and work table clean. A wire organiser that is well-built is worth its weight in gold.
These chord organisers help all your cables to be together. Most people praise them for the way they wrap snugly.

Some of the reasons you would want to buy these electronic cable organisers are

  • Easy to apply, easy to remove.
  • Does not cause damage to cords/cables.
  • Does not rapidly degrade with age, can easily be cut (or combined) to change the size for the user’s needs.
  • Works well even when being used frequently.

Best Wire / Cable Organizers in India

Best Wire / Cable Organisers in India

  • Amazon Basics Wire Cable Management Sleeve Cover Organiser – Zipper, 50.8 cm, Black, 4-Pack Tidy Up! Wire Bin (White)
  • ORICO 7 Channel Desk Cable Clips Cable Management Cord Organiser Wire Cord Holder for Power Cords and iDream® Universal Silicone Anti-skid Clip-on Cable Holder Wire Organiser (White)
  • P-Plus International Wire Clips Cable Protector for TV Home, Cubicle, Car, Desk (Pack of 10)

Here are best Cable organisers which you can buy online for their style, durability, and usability.

Amazon Basics Wire Cable Management Sleeve Cover Organiser – Zipper, 50.8 cm, Black, 4-Pack

The flexible sleeves cover come in handy for anything from wrangling workstation cables to entertainment-system cables. It gives you plenty of storage space where you can keep all your chords. It’s made out of flexible, durable neoprene material which keeps your wires safe.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

  • The Full-length zipper ensures a secure closure and easy access.
  • Adequate room for number of wires.
  • It does not have a plastic material instead it’s made out of fabric which allows it to bend easily around corners.
  • A Durable, flexible product.


  • Might not be the best looking cable organiser.

Tidy Up! Wire Bin (White)

As suggested by the name it neatly tides up all types of ac adapters, chargers, USB hubs, excess wires and cables. It has lightweight material with secure cover and slots on either side for cable outlet.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

  • Compact design & easy to use.
  • Available in glossy black, white & brown to match various interiors.
  • It has contoured slots on either side as an outlet for the wire(s) to go into the plug point.
  • The cover on the Wire Bin provides safety to children and pets around the home.


  • Needs be careful with the box, as it’s a plastic material.

ORICO 7 Channel Desk Cable Clips Cable Management Cord Organiser Wire Cord Holder for Power Cords and Charging
Accessory Cables, Mouse Cable, PC, Office and Home

It has high-quality silicone and crush resistance, protect cables efficiently. It can easily be used on the
desktop, wall and in your car.

  • PROS (What we like about this Product)
  • It is an eco-friendly silicone material that is neither too hard nor too soft, keeps great resilience and makes • Can manage 7 cables or wires simultaneously.
  • High strength double-sides tape makes good adhesion and permanence performance, leaves no traces.
  • Can control unruly cords.

iDream® Universal Silicone Anti-skid Clip-on Cable Holder Wire Organiser

It has a unique clip on design and can be used on any type of tables or desks. It’s super handy and can
be used while travelling too.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

  • An easy to use product, small in size and super handy.
  • Available in 3 different colours.
  • Ideal for your desk and entertainment centres to keep your computer and audio/ video equipment cables


  • Not suitable if you want to use it for more than three wires.

P-Plus International Wire Clips Cable Protector for TV Home, Cubicle, Car, Desk (Pack of 10)

These clips can be used for multi purposes if you want to use them as a cable organizer, pen holder or a toothbrush holder they will work best. Can be used in both home and industrial applications.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

  • It is durable and long lasting product.
  • Manages wires and cables properly and secures them to a fixed point on a surface, like a wall, ceiling or floor.
  • Doesn’t occupy much space.
  • Can be easily removed if needed.


  • Might not work, if you are using it for thick cables.

Some Best Cable Management Tips Which
will help in protecting your cables

  1. Keep Essential Chords Neatly Arranged – There are gadgets that you use daily like your phone and laptop, which means you need the cables of these more often and want them with ease. So, make sure you buy a cable organiser that is able to hold these chords properly and you don’t need to change the space of the cable organiser daily.
  2. Tie Excess Chords Together – Some wires and cables are a bit longer, leaving you to deal with several feet of cord that inevitably end up in a tangled mess behind your TV, computer, or desk. Wrapping these long chords together will always help you when you use them again not only that by doing this you can increase the durability of your cables.
  3. Move Closer To Outlets – Power outlets can sometimes be at inconvenient spots, but if you want to manage your cables properly, moving closer to wall outlets will prevent power cables from stretching across the room. This is a very small change but the impact is big it can help minimise the clutter and prevent tripping over cables.
  4. Keep Cords Away from Children and Pets – It is one of the simple tips but we often ignore it, kids and your pet just don’t mix. If this happens it only going to cost you a lot of time to untangle the cables or you might find some damaged wires too, which were eaten by your dear pet during your unavailability.
  5. Label Your Cables – Labelling will help you isolate cables for less-frustrating troubleshooting and maintenance and takes the confusion out of reconnecting cables to the proper ports.

Reasons why you should have a cable organizer

Imagine a desk with a lot of wires and not only wires but tangled wires. So first before you start
working you have one more task to do that is to clean your table.

How Important Is Cable Management?

Cable management is important to create a visually pleasing and clean work environment. Managing cables or wires helps in maintaining basic functionality and will also protect the devices from the clogged air flow due to unorganised wires. Tangled Wires or Cables generally take a lot of time to untangle.

So, when your table is well managed it does look good and it keeps your machine more organised and easier to work on, which at the end will make you feel better and make you more productive for the day.

These are some ways in which Cable Management can benefit you

  1. Overheating issues – Majorly overheating happens if the available space is not airy and it has high chances of damaging your cables. A cable organiser can save your gadget and cables from overheating.
  2. Saves time – It takes a lot of time to untangle a cable and nobody wants to do that. Cable organisers will always save you from this frustrating task which nobody wishes to do.
  3. Increase durability – If you wish to keep your cables to long last you have to get a cable organiser. You should always protect your wires from bending and heating which can result in bigger damage than you think.
  4. Saves money – When you keep your chords safe no doubt it will work longer and then you don’t have to spend your money on buying new cables.