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8 Best Tadka Pan in India : Reviews and comparison

An equipped kitchen is one of the most important things for a house.
Every household has different types of kitchen needs, that requires different types of equipment and essentials
But there are certain items that every kitchen can’t go without whether it’s a basic kitchen or a modular one.
After all, if you have all the correct equipment for your kitchen it’s easier and faster to cook.

Tadka Pan: An essential for easier cooking

Today, we are talking about a kitchen essential that is used mostly in every household and that is a tadka

spices in our food. We just love the aroma and the taste of the
tadka in every meal of the day.

The process of making tadka for different Indian delicacies is traditional and is done to add the flavour and aroma to the dishes.
Tadka can be made with ghee or oil which adds the aromatic experience and for that you need a tadka pan which does its job perfectly.

Best Tadka Pan in India

We have reviewed the best tadka pans available in India with their pros and cons so that you can easily find the best one suited for your kitchen

Best Tadka Pan in India

  • Cello Non-Stick Tadka Pan
  • Indus Valley Iron Tadka Pan with Wood Handle
  • Indian Art Villa Steel Copper Fry Tadka Pan Platter
  • Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Tadka Pan
  • Rock Tawa Induction Tadka Pan Base Cast Iron
  • TUFF-WARE Hard-Anodized Aluminium Tadka Pan

Cello Non-Stick Tadka Pan

The speciality of the nonstick coating prevents the content from sticking to the bottom.

It is a proper utensil to make any tadka easily because of the deep base of the Pan as we can move the ingredients easily and with hassle free process and not being a big task.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Sturdy handles allows smooth handling.
  • Has the deep base.
  • 2-way nonstick coating.


  • Coating may come out if used on high heat.

The Indus Valley Iron Tadka Pan with Wood Handle

Many people suffer from iron deficiency and cooking with Iron Pan can help increase your iron content by as much as 20 times.
It is pre-seasoned without any chemical coating.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

  • The wooden handle gives a good grip.
  • Has a very deep base to hold all the ingredients.
  • An easy to clean pan.


  • Can be a little heavier compared to other tadka pans.

Indian Art Villa Steel Copper Fry Tadka Pan Platter

This Pan has been beautifully designed to add grace to your dining experience at your home or restaurant.

This Pan is strong in construction and will not bend or have dents during normal use.

The product is absolutely washable and scratch resistant.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

  • Comes with sturdy handles making.
  • It is durable, and easy to maintain.


  • Does not have induction base and might be a little pricey.


Prestige hard anodized cookware work tadka pan works amazing on Gas Stoves.

The nontoxic surface of the pan is resistant to high flames, nonstaining and metal spoon friendly, thus making it truly durable.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

  • Available with metal spoon-friendly feature.
  • Comes with In-Built Stand.
  • Has a sturdy Handle.
  • Has a non-toxic surface pan, resistant to high flames.


  • Doesn’t have a very deep base.

Rock Tawa Induction Tadka Pan Base Cast Iron

The rock tawa induction tadka pan can be used for multiple purposes to use it for making starters to using it to make tadka for amazing dishes.
It has the ability to withstand hard handling and last for generations.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

  • Has an induction base.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Comes pre seasoned with sunflower oil.
  • One year warranty.


  • Might be a bit pricey than other tadka pans

TUFF-WARE Hard Anodised Aluminium Tadka Pan

Tuff-ware tadka pan is ideal for cooking a wide range of Indian and Western dishes.

These are easy to clean, tough and long lasting.

The handsome dark finish with riveted handles and elegant curves, makes it look attractive as well as functional.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

  • Has a strong heat resistant handle.
  • Easy to clean, cook & maintain.
  • Excellent heat conductivity provide faster cooking.
  • Has a cool touch handle that does not become loose over time.


  • Does not have induction base.

The tadka pans are a beautiful mélange of style and functionality. Tadka Pan is an essential kitchen tool especially for Indian kitchens where food preparation includes tempering the dishes.

Indian dals and curries need an additional tadka to make the dish perfect.

Although you will find a lot of pans which looks suitable for your kitchen, you should take care of some factors while purchasing one.

Why Should You Buy a Tadka Pan?

How many times has it happened that while making tadka for
dhokla’s, dal’s, or kadhi’s you have ended up using a too big or
too small vessel which burnt the dish or spilled out the curry
while mixing it?

A tadka pan comes with so many advantages which makes your cooking easier.
Most importantly it has a handle and an in built stand that allows complete safety and convenience while lifting and
carrying one.
Some tadka pans are even induction friendly too, these are super easy to clean and come in different designs to add the classiness to your kitchen.

Factors to consider before buying a tadka pan


Generally all the tadka pans are small sized but we all have different sizes of burner at our homes so you should look for the one which sits best on your burner. You should also take notice of your family size to see what capacity of a tadka pan you need.


There are different types of tadka pans available in the market from hard anodized to nonstick pans. Select a type which lasts longer and doesn’t have any bad effects on your health even if it’s used on high flames.


All the tadka pans comes with a handle but you have to make sure to select the one which has the sturdy and long handle which helps in balancing the pan on the burner now there are tadka pans available which has inbuilt stand in the middle. These are even better to have in a tadka pan.


A tadka pan should be made up of good quality material. It is something which you are going to use almost daily so selecting a pan which is safe and healthy to use is extremely important. The pans are available commonly in iron, aluminum and stainless steel material.


Buy a tadka pan which has warranty of 1 to 5 years. If something goes wrong with the coating or handle of the pan you can easily get a return or refund.

How to clean a Tadka Pan?

Cleaning Process Of Iron Tadka Pan

  • Cleaning Tadka Pan takes all of 2 minutes. You need to wash away the food particles. Soap is optional.
  • After washing, dry the Tadka Pan by placing it on the stove for 1 minute till the water evaporates.
  • Once it is dry and cooled, wipe clean. You just need to apply a thin coat of oil on all sides and that is it.
  • If by any chance your food got burnt on the pan and it is severely black and it doesn’t get clean even after washing just add rock salt to the Tadka Pan; rub all over the pan with a cut lemon.
  • This will remove all of the food stuck on the Tadka Pan. Clean the Tadka Pan as mentioned in the above point and you are good to go.

Why Should You Choose Hard Anodised Tadka Pan

In most of the tadka pans hard anodized material is used and it has become one of the favorite choice of a consumer too the reasons are so many as it has a lot of benefits.

Extra Hard

The amazing feature of these types of pans is these are very durable. Anodised aluminium is scratch resistant which is no chip or peels easily. It is considered twice stronger than alloy like stainless steel.

However, the strength and durability of each product depends on its anodising process.

Non-Toxic Nonstick

Unlike other materials, the smooth surface of these pans is from an electro-chemical anodised process which creates layers of nonstick.

So, it is nontoxic and healthier to use.


Unlike other metallic pans, the nonporous coat locks in the aluminium inside for preventing aluminium leaching possibility when cooking acidic food like tomato sauces or lemon juices.

High Cooking Performance

The hard anodised material pans unsurprisingly conducts heat very fast and evenly. Even the ability of heat conductivity is inferior to pure aluminium.

Easy to Clean

As smoothly nonstick, hard anodised products are very easy to clean and maintain you need not worry about scratching even if you stack it with other vessels in your kitchen.

What is the purpose of a tadka pan?

Tadka pan is used to add tempering (Tadka) at the end of the
cooking. A tadka pan with a handle or support is an essential
to your kitchen and it makes this task easy.

Which is the best tadka pan?

There are various types of tadka pans available with a lot of
good functionality but you should choose one keeping the
capacity of your family members in your mind.

Is it safe to use a tadka pan daily?

If you are one of those who love to add the tempering to the
food and want to use your pan daily then you don’t need to
worry about it. It is totally safe and healthy to use a tadka pan