Liquid Sindoor

Ever wondered how T.V Serial actresses go to bed with full make-up on and wake up with all of it still intact, including the powder Sindoor which gets a little messy when we wake up in the morning. Yes. That’s when a Liquid Sindoor comes to your rescue. 

What is a Liquid Sindoor? 

A Liquid Sindoor is a type of a liquid cosmetic which is made up of lead, specifically red lead. It is applied by Hindu women who have just got married, in the form of a small dot or a line, in the middle of their forehead, just below the hair parting. It is more popular amongst the new age women who look for convenience. 

Why Liquid Sindoor and not a Powder Sindoor? 

A liquid sindoor seems more convenient as compared to a powder sindoor as it is smudge-proof and lasts longer. It can be seen in packaging like that of a lipstick, containing an applicator with a sponge tip for easy use. Another added advantage of a liquid sindoor is that it dries up quickly.  

How to apply a Liquid Sindoor?

There is no perfect way to apply a Liquid Sindoor. Take the applicator and put a dot just below the parting of your hair on the forehead or drag the dot a little in the form of a small line below your hair parting, in case you want it to be a lot more noticeable. 

5 Best Liquid Sindoor available in India

1. Lake Jewel Sindoor 

Manufactured by Lakme, this Jewel Sindoor comes in two shades: Maroon and Red. It is one of the top selling products by Lakme as it contains a sponge applicator and is very easy-to-use. 



Naturally formulated without the use of any chemicals

Ensures scalp protection. 

Long-lasting formula


Non-dripping and non-messy



Most expensive as compared to the other products

Might dry up in the bottle due to quick drying formula

2. Lotus Make-Up Divine Dew Herbal Sindoor 

This product is manufactured by Lotus and contains natural ingredients that do not cause any harm to your skin. It comes in two shades: Rosy Blush and Love Drop. It gives an elegant look and is perfectly safe for long-term use. 



Made from natural botanical extracts

Free of mercury and lead

Intense colour pay off

Long lasting colour

Non-drip formula


Suitable for sensitive skin


Not water-resistant

Slightly sticky

3. Shahnaz Husain Herbal Sindoor

The specialty of this brand is that, it clinically tests all the products so that there are no side effects. This sindoor is one of the oldest sindoor in the Indian market and comes with a sponge applicator. It is available in two shades: Maroon and Red. 



Based on age-old traditions

Designed for modern needs

Contains herbal extracts and oils

Safe to use 

Good fragrance

Very easy-to-use 

Contains no toxins


More expensive than the other products 

4. Keya Seth Aroma Sindoor

Another product in the market is the Aroma Sindoor, manufactured by Keya Seth. It contains natural ingredients like colours made from different flowers, and minerals that keep the herbal property of the product intact. It comes in four shades: Maroon. Red, Magenta and Vermilion. It also contains gold dust which provides a shimmering effect to the sindoor. 



Uses 100% natural ingredients like floral colours and herbs

Completely free from mercury, lead and harmful chemicals

Safe to use

Simple to use


Not water-resistant

Slightly expensive for such a small quantity

5. Coloressence Aqua Sindoor 

This product is manufactured by Coloressence, the cosmetics brand under Nature’s Essence. The product is made up of the best quality pigments and natural herbal ingredients. It comes in two shades: Maroon and Red and can be applied with the help of a sponge applicator.