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Cycle Frame Light 14 LED, 3 Changing Modes, TQ-1009


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Cycle Frame Light 14 LED, 3 Changing Modes, TQ-1009


1. Model TQ-1009 14LED is an unusual headlight for a bicycle. It consists of two ?beams? (segments), each of which contains 7 LEDs. E is the flexible lighting in impact-resistant housing is fixed on both sides of the bicycle frame.

2. The device is powered by two conventional AA batteries and has 3 different modes. You can change the mode by pressing the button located on the block. Thanks to light diodes, the device has a fairly long service life – at least 30 thousand hours.

3. Such a headlight for a bicycle will definitely not fail at the most inopportune moment! Light diodes consume a minimal amount of energy, so the function of such a light, installed on bicycles, can work for a long time without recharging.

4. The TQ-1009 14LED bike light, original in design, will help you out not only on the road, but also in everyday life. It can be used when there is no electricity in the house or apartment, if you need to spotlight the far dark corner of the pantry or garage, etc.

5. If you want something new in the design of your two-wheeled iron friend, take a look at this non-standard model. In addition to it, in the Road Marke online store you can profitably buy a lamp for a bicycle and other useful bicycle accessories.

1. TQ-1009 is a flexible bike frame light.

2. The back light has a simple design – it consists of 2 strips with LEDs (7 diodes in each)

3. The strips are connected by a power supply unit with two AA batteries

4. Operating modes – 3 (changing modes) 1. Flash, 2. Chasing, 3. Steady

5. Multi color

Package Contents:

  • 1 Pc Bicycle Frame light
  • 4 Pc Nylon cable tie
  • 2 Pc AA Battery
  • 1 Pc Pouch


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