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Cycle Wheel Light 64 Rgb Led Rechargeable Diy Wheel Light


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Cycle Wheel Light 64 Rgb Led Rechargeable Diy Wheel Light


1. This light is mounted on the bicycle wheel and can form images according to your design. Your tire wheels will look attractive when the tire wheels are spinning. You can program the lamp motif according to your wishes.

2. Easy installation and water resistance. With soft pad, it is anti-shock. It consists of 128 high visibility RGB LED lights.

3. With the sensor, the power will be out automatically when you are not riding.

4. The speed of 15k/m can be better to display patterns completely. The picture will be changed every 3 seconds. The rechargeable battery can work about 15 hours.

5. You can download pictures from the internet and design your pictures with the USB cable.

6. It is applicable to 26 inches wheel. It is a wonderful tool for the people who love riding bikes.


1. 64pcs ultra-bright 5050 RGB led form two light bar.

2. PC+ABS transparent long-lived material.

3. Size of the light bar is 510*30*20MM with weight is 220g.

4. Two ends of the light bar fixed on spoke with clip and screws easy installation and quick release.

5. Cycling speed needed only above 15km/hour can show complete picture

6. User can program or import total 21 kinds of colorful picture or words into the light with software download from our web, picture format can be JPG,PNG,BMP .

7. Software can be worked under WINDOWS7 XP PC system, operation is easy and simple.

8. Prism reflection technology achieved 64 led work out 128 led same flash effect, pictures can be displayed on both side of cycle.

9. Work with rechargeable Lithium – ion 950 mAH battery, can be worked continuously above 8-10hours, just pull of the battery with USB plug from box for charging by PC or mobile charger.

10. Manual and intelligent induction button control light to work on or off automatically so to save battery when wheels stop.

11. Water-proof level is IPX6, working normally in rainy day.

Package Contents:

  • 1 Pc Bicycle wheel light
  • 4 Pc Nylon cable tie
  • 2 Pc Light clamp
  • 2 Pc Plastic screws 2pairs
  • 1 Pc Tape
  • 1 Pc Magnet
  • 1 Pc Battery
  • 1 Pc USB data wire
  • 1 Pc CD
  • 1 Pc User Manual


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