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Bike Bicycle Saddle Pouch Seat Bag Tail Rear Storage Bag


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Out of stock

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Bike Bicycle Saddle Pouch Seat Bag Tail Rear Storage Bag


1. Suitable for all types of saddles, the unique design, resembles the small spirit mouse

2. Stylish and simple shape, perfect match with your bicycle

3. Let you become a cool and professional rider Good storage space for keys, cash, extended battery, loose change, food, gel, small cycle accessories etc.

4. The tail lights, can be placed in the rear bag, offer you a double protection

5. Mini design Bike Saddle Bag, store some small stuff like key, small purse, small cell phone etc.

6. Weaves the belt type to design, available in each kind of saddle place, Easy to attach to saddle or remove with hook & loop adhesive tape strip

7. It can protect your mobile phone and facilitate your operation riding reflective strips at night to improve the safety of night riding, bandage and anti-slip parts for a more stable installation.


  • Designed For: cycling
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Protect all gadgets
  • Good storage
  • Space for keys
  • Protect Mobiles
  • Stylish & simple shape


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