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Cycle Repair Stand Tripod with Tool Tray


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Out of stock

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Cycle Repair Stand Tripod with Tool Tray


1. The cycle Repair Stand is a simple to use cycle stand with an easy-mount system to quickly attach and remove your bike for quick repairs, maintenance or upgrades.

2. It features a study frame with an additional tool tray to hold your tools.

3. This Repair Stand is really convenient for maintain your bicycle in any position which is convenient for you to work.

4. Material : Steel(Frame) + PP(Tray)

5. Max Load : Up to 50KG

6. With a quick-released aluminum clamp

7. Easy set up and assembly

8. With four fordable legs for easy transportation and storage

9. All adjustment with quick-released clamps

10. A tray can hold the tools when you mending the bicycle


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