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Cycling Helmet, Soften Impacts, Lightweight (White/Blue)


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10 in stock

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Cycling Helmet, Soften Impacts, Lightweight (White/Blue)


1. A helmet is essential for any rider.

2. Designed to soften impacts to the brain of a cyclist in falls while minimizing side effects such as interference with peripheral vision.

3. The dominant technology is currently in-mould micro shell.

4 .A very thin shell is incorporated during the moulding process, allowing for larger vents and more complex shapes than previous helmets

5. Type: It compatible with road bikes and mountain bicycles

6. Material: Integrally-moulded EPS and PC of outside, durable and lightweight, a material which can disperse the force caused by an impact through a plastic deformation and polycarbonate shell for increased durability and protection

7. Weight: 230G One size adjustable, head circumference is 56-63cm.

8. The internal length is 21cm, internal width is 18cm Number of holes: 18, wind tunnel design, effectively reduce wind resistance


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