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Motorcycle Gloves Probiker Full Racing Biking Driving Motorcycle Gloves (Black, XL)


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10 in stock

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Motorcycle Gloves Probiker Full Racing Biking Driving Motorcycle Gloves (Black, XL)


1. Take care of your hands. The motorcycle gloves are part of the gear that motorcycle rider will need.

2. A good pair of gloves will give you armor in all the right places, good airflow for comfort, and enough warmth for whatever season you plan to use them.

3. That is what we are going to offer you. What you will get. Design : Wide compatibility: multiple sizes make it suitable for most of the adults.

4. Unique pattern: innovate design and bright color make you stand out from the road. Intimate design: fits snugly into palm and all fingers, wrap tightly around the wrist with adjustable wrist magic tape, allowing to move dexterously.

5. Anti-slip function: the palm uses a 3D classic plastic non-slip lines to strengthen the anti-slip function. Material : Heavy duty gloves: protect your hands from abrasion or scratch while riding a motorcycle.

6. Quality material: breathable cloth material makes it comfortable to use in hot weather as well as in mild winter seasons.

7. Comfortable interior: soft cloth inside provides the best wearing experience. Fist protection Parts: protect your hands carefully, safe to use.

8. Special ergonomic design with hard shell protection, taking into account aesthetics and security

9. Four fingers high breathable mesh design and a rubber block sliding full protection

10. Ergonomic, hand-dimensional drop resistance protective hard shell, shock-absorbing foam has a better than general protective effect


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