Do you love adventures?

Or love thrill- sports such as surfing or skating that are fun and thrill too. But skating on can be hard and risky if you are new to it. That’s when you should look for a wave board.

Waveboards are very easy to ride and you can ride it anywhere, it provides more stability and balance than a skateboard. This board has got very easy functioning movements along with being a fun sport.

What is a waveboard?

A waveboard has 2 wheels and a board that can be bend mid-riding. The flexibility of a waveboard gives people relaxation and freedom to ride down on a flat street or even on high-stakes obstacle courses. The board has very dynamic designs along with a strong and sturdy base which gives very easy wheel-based rotation.

Why should you buy one?

A waveboard is getting widely popular in today’s generation and the reason is many things can be done with it such as taking sharp turns, different tricks, etc. It is a very interesting way to explore your surroundings and find nice spots to share with your friends.

You will be fascinated by seeing different types of boards with very interesting patterns and skate art on them. A waveboard is very easy to maintain and has very light material.

We have made a list of some of the best wave boards available on Amazon for you. Selecting the best one can be tricky when there are so many options available, we have sorted out the best waveboard according to your preference whether you are a beginner or a professional. We have made the list of waveboards keeping in mind the quality and integrity of these boards.

Best Waveboards In India

Best Waveboards in IndiaRating
Oxelo Beginner Waveboard

Hipkoo Waveboard with LED Wheels
D&D Kid's Spiderman/Ben 10 Wave Board 
Hipkoo Sports Sterling Waveboard PU Wheels with LED Lights 
Jaspo Phantom 34 Inch X 9 Inch Waveboard with 80mm Illuminating PU Wheels 
Strauss Bronx Waveboard

Toyify Alloy Made Heavy Duty Wave Board                                                                 
IRIS Caster Board
Prime Deals Wave Board

Waveboards For Beginners


1. Oxelo Beginner Waveboard


The oxelo beginner waveboard is great for beginners specially for kids. It can only be used if you are under 50kg. It’s a good exercise to increase your cognitive senses of balance and synchronized movements. It’s easy to move around in it.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

• Easy to balance, especially designed for children

• It is a sturdy piece to buy.

• Ensures smooth and safe riding.

• The dimensions of the product make it a perfect waveboard.

• Only suits beginners not for the professionals. 

2. Hipkoo Waveboard with LED Wheels (Dimensions 34 x 9 Inch) 


Hipkoo waveboard Is The Original Street Surfing Board And The Hottest Inline Action Board. Easy To Learn By Balancing Moving And Turning

PROS (What we like about this Product)
•  Wheels with grip safer are great for beginners.

•  Can easily reverse direction to slow down the speed.

• 360 Rotation On Both Front And Back Wheels.

• Comes with led flash light on wheel.
• Might be a little heavy to carry around.

3. D&D Kid's Spiderman/Ben 10 Wave Board (Upto 80 Kg) with Carry Bag and with LED Flash Lights


D & D kid’s waveboard is great if you are learning to ride on it. It moves smoothly and has lights on its wheels.

PROS (What we like about this Product)
•  Easy to learn by balancing moving and turning.

•  It is sturdy and durable.

• Anti-skidding or slip-resistant.
• Doesn’t come with a carry bag.

4. Hipkoo Sports Sterling Waveboard PU Wheels with LED Lights (Protective Set of 3 Elbow, Knee and Hand Guards) with Bag 


Instead of the traditional four-wheel skateboard, this amazing wave board can make smooth, quick 360-degree turns on just two wheels. Wave board combines all the fun and excitement of surfing and snowboarding and puts it on the wheels.

PROS (What we like about this Product)
•  It has anti slip design.

•  Lightweight Wheels Made of PU.

• Come with elbow and knee protective set.
• Doesn’t have the warranty.

Waveboard For Professionals

1. Jaspo Phantom 34 Inch X 9 Inch Waveboard with 80mm Illuminating PU Wheels 


Jasop phantom wavebord is Built for exciting and rough outdoor playing, it can hold up to 220 lbs. It has illuminating wheels and the faster you go the brighter the lights will become. It has Unique and cool graphics.

PROS (What we like about this Product)
• Slip-resistant concave deck platforms.

• Easily transportable, comes with a carry bag.

• Built for exciting and rough outdoor playing.

• Allows the user to have an easy to work on its balance and synchronized movements.
• Finishing on the grip pattern and be improved.

2. Strauss Bronx Waveboard, (34" x 9") 


The strauss Bronx waveboard comes with a revolutionary concept of proiding experience of snowboarding and surfacing on dry land. Best for children and adults.

PROS (What we like about this Product)
• It is lightweight and portable.

• Made with high-quality ABS plastic and offers overall bodywork / exercise.

• Has Illuminating Wheels.
• Not suitable for kids below 8.

3. Toyify Alloy Made Heavy Duty Wave Board, Two Wheel Skate Board for Boys and for Girls Skating Purpose Flash Colorful Lights on Wheels ( Color & Design May Vary ) with Warranty


Mixing snowboarding and skateboarding into a new fun sport. Take your waveboarding to another level with this caster board and try a variety of tricks. Perfect to explore new routes while riding. New fresh Poly Gone design and colors.

Buy it here -

PROS (What we like about this Product)
• Built for exciting and rough outdoor playing.

• It can hold up to 100KG (220LBS).

• Moves smoothly
• It is used to ride only on flat surfaces with smooth road.

4. IRIS Caster Board - Radically Intense Acceleration Waveboard with 360 Degree Caster Trucks and Anti Slip Concaved Platform for Kids Ages 8 and Up | Portable Lightweight Skateboard (Black) 


The amazing waveboard is great to have fun works great for both beginners and professionals, can be freely rotatable with 360-degree wheels.

PROS (What we like about this Product)
• A weight capacity of 220 (Lbs) pounds and built for extreme rugged outdoor play.

• It is very lightweight and portable.

• Excellent for both beginners and professionals.
• Doesn’t come with a carry bag.

5. Prime Deals Wave Board, Skate Board 31 x 8 Inch with Carry Bag LED Flash Colourful Lights on Wheels (Assorted Colour) 


The prime deal waveboard moves smoothly and has lights on its wheel. It is super easy to ride on it with the 360 degree wheels.

PROS (What we like about this Product)

• The waveboard is durable.

• The waveboard is available in several color and designs.

• Comes with a carry bag.

• Easily reversible.

• The product has no warranty.

How to ride a waveboard

1. If you are new to riding a waveboard first thing before starting is wear your safety gear such as helmet and protective paddings. Now, once you get on a waveboard tilt the waveboard in such a manner that both sides of its edges touch the ground and step backward on both sides of your board so that both panels flatten and you are now suspended above the ground and on the waveboard.

2. See which foot feels stronger at the front. The foot you place at the front is known as the dominant foot and the other is called non-dominant foot. Which foot suits you best can only be known once you try it, it can vary from person to person.

3. Once you choose your dominant foot, push yourself forward with your non-dominant foot by pushing it against the ground.

4. Once you are comfortable, to move forward, move your non-dominant foot to gain speed, and once you gain the speed to make a turn, gently tilt your dominant foot to the right and the non-dominant foot left.

5. To stop the wave board, stop moving your foot to decrease the speed first and then lean forward on the wave board and tilt your feet forwards.


To make sure you get your hands on the best waveboard below are the detailed factors mentioned for you to see

1. The deck – A deck helps in holding the entire body weight of a person so it is the most important factor to see the age and weight of the rider. While you are buying a waveboard you will find that the manufacturer mentions the ideal requirements. Make sure that the waveboard is slightly curved from both sides as it helps in providing the grip. A waveboard deck can be made from different materials.

2. Wheels – Without wheels, you can’t imagine a waveboard. It is very important to check the quality of the wheels because without wheels your waveboard is just a plane board. Choose the wheels as per your level of performance.

3. Bearings – Bearings help in reducing or increasing the speed of a waveboard a bearing is round in shape and smooth in texture. A bearing permits the wheels of the best waveboard.

4. Safety – If you are a beginner then you should go for a waveboard that provides all the safety like a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves.

5. Heaviness – The heavier the waveboard the more difficult it will be to move it. Waveboards that are light in weight have the capacity to carry heavier weights.

Waveboard vs Skateboard vs Ripstik

Waveboard Vs. Skateboard –

Although a waveboard and skateboard different purposes, they have a lot in common too. The main difference between both is that skateboarding provides primary boarding while a waveboard offers advanced boarding and it also comes in many designs and variations. A skateboard comes with four wheels whereas a waveboard has 2 wheels which help in giving smooth riding. A skateboard is not suitable for your boarding tricks and skills while a waveboard gives you some smart and swift turns. On a waveboard you can have sharp turns, cuts, and moves quickly which cannot be done on a skateboard.

Waveboard Vs. Ripstick –

A waveboard and a ripstick are quite similar but have some differences. If we talk about the riding style it is the same for both the boards but the looks of a waveboard and ripstick are very different. While the waveboard has some great looking designs a ripstick comes with some solid color designs.


Can a beginner use any kind of waveboard?

A beginner should choose a standard waveboard only which provides a helmet, knee, and elbow padding.

What much does a waveboard cost?

Most people are confused about the prices of a waveboard due to a huge variety but the ideal amount for a waveboard cannot be more than 5k. Some of the best wavebaord will come in less than 5k.

Which one is better: a waveboard or a skateboard?

If you are a beginner and new to surfing or skating then you should definitely go for a waveboard that is able to provide more stability and balance than skateboarding. It also helps the rider to take turns easily.

How to stop on a waveboard?

To stop a waveboard just simply lean forward and tilt your feet forwards and it will stop but if you are a professional and good at balancing it then you can simply jump off of it.