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Protos Telescope 90x F36050 Refractor Telescope With Tripod 50mm Dia 360mm Focal Length


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10 in stock

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Protos Telescope 90x F36050 Refractor Telescope With Tripod 50mm Dia 360mm Focal Length


1. This is a high-powered telescope, with good performance observation of celestial bodies, suitable for entry-level amateur astronomers and children.

2. Different magnification eyepieces can make you free with observed at different distances and sizes objects . And the telescope as the viewing mirror, can be upright image fully.

3. As long as you have enough imagination, there will be more interesting and practical usefulness.

4. HIGH MAGNIFICATION: 360mm focal length and 50mm aperture, fully coated optical glass with high transmission coatings creates stunning images with increased brightness and clarity.

5. Finder scope make locating objects faster and earlier. Protect your eyes. Perfect Refracting telescope for beginners or kids to explore sky.

6. And optical glass can provide brighter picture and protect your eyes as well.

7. 2 EYEPIECES: H20mm-15 times, H6mm-50 times. Large wide-angle high-definition eyepiece design, without any damage to the vision caused by scattered light, more extensive viewing, beautiful, no chromatic aberration.

8. With stable universal tripod, Locks in solidly, stays right in place for steady images. At or near a full moon period, the moon is too bright to see details due to spotlight effect of telescope. So moon filter improves better observation.

9. ALTITUDE-AZIMUTH MOUNTING: The telescope is equipped with an altitude-azimuth mounting, can be moved vertically (altitude) and horizontally (azimuth).

10. NO-TOOL SET UP: Tripod & Portable Size -The height of tripod is suitable. You can choose a suitable height to keep balance. Detachable design can make it be convenient to carry it during your outdoor activity.

11. This telescope is quick and easy to set up even for the novice and will encourage kids to love learning about space, great holiday or birthday gift idea for kids who love science and astronomy.

12. SIMPLE SETUP: This travel telescopes is quick and easy to set up in several minutes even for beginners and children, No extra tools are required.

13. Our customer service is always at the ready, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

14. ABOUT THE MULTIPLES: Telescope magnification = focal length of the objective lens / focal length of the eyepiece * the magnification of the lens (the magnification varies with the configuration of the focal length of the eyepiece).

15. WHICH MAGNIFICATION?- SELECTING THE CORRECT EYEPIECE: The optimum magnification depends on what you are looking at. As a rule of thumb, the best image results from using a magnification, which is not more than 1.5X ? 2.0X the diameter of the objective lens.

16. For observation of moss heavenly bodies, a magnification of 75X ? 100X can be achieved with a 50mm objective lens.

17. A lower magnification should be used for the observation of the stars. This provides a wider field of view and simplifies aiming the telescope at the desired object.

18. The maximum magnification should be used only for particularly clear objects such as the moon, which is relatively close to the Earth and very bright, permitting good resolution of details at high magnification.

19. ERECTING EYEPIECE: The 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece not only increases the magnification of telescope but also correct the direction of the image.

20. For example, a telescope, which has a magnification of 60X, will have a magnification of 90X when a 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece is used.

21. Moreover, when the telescope is used to view landscape, the erecting eyepiece can straighten out the image


  • 1Pc – 3 Legged Tripod Stand
  • 1Pc – Telescope
  • 1Pc – Erecting Eyepiece 1.5x
  • 1Pc – H20 Eyepiece 18x
  • 1pc – H6 Eyepiece 60x
  • 1Pc – Moonlight Filter
  • 1Pc – Interface Button
  • 1Pc – User’s Manual


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